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Aloha! It looks like Hawaii is invading our menus.
The poké bowl is slowly invading the Manila food scene. People are turning to this healthy Hawaiian dish for a lighter but still scrumptious meal perfect for people trying to tighten their belts (literally) or get a little healthier. Here are the deets on ...
The concept feels slightly hokey, but the food and drinks are stellar and, because we can't help ourselves, so is the poke.
The theme was a mix-and-match right from the get-go, taking its cue from Japan's dance-hall craze where DJs marry hip hop and reggae to amp up the local bar scene. This particular crossover is consistent throughout Papa Loa—from the Japanese imagery to the Caribbean ...
So raw, it's right.
Oyster Mignonette Take your fresh oysters and shuck them without breaking the shell. For the mignonette, mix 1 cup of rice wine vinegar, 2 chopped shallots, 1 dried chili, an inch of ginger grated, half a cucumber finely minced, 1 tbsp of honey, ...
We have the most important details (by that, we mean food) about Chef Kel Zaguirre's upcoming restaurant.
My belly gets tied up in knots whenever Kel Zaguirre sends an invite for a meal. The first time was in Locavore. Quite unacquainted with the chef’s style back then, it felt like regular Filipino hospitality when he presented to a group ...
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