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Star Regé-Jean Page promises an all-star fantasy epic that will be “a huge sigh of relief for Dungeons & Dragons fans everywhere."
Think being the bestselling role-playing game of all time entitles you to a halfway decent on-screen adaptation? Think again. Despite its ubiquity in popular culture, Dungeons & Dragons has flopped on both the big screen and the small screen, with the 2000 feature film ...
Regé-Jean Page proves you don't always have to do the absolute most to unlock your inner leading man.
It's been a historic few weeks for everyman style. We dig an outlandishly dressed celebrity as much the next publication, but hunkered down at home in the same sweatpants we've been wearing for the last six months straight, there's something comfortingly reassuring ...
After the success of Bridgerton, there are some exciting 007 rumors afoot.
Whenever a young and attractive British actor reaches a certain level of international mainstream appeal, they earn the status of being rumored to be the next James Bond. By virtue of being young, attractive, famous, and British, the narrative of their career will ...
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