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It is a piece from a destroyed protoplanet.
Last year, a meteoric rock landed in the Sahara Desert, where it was found by a team of scientists from the Université de Bretagne Occidentale. When they analyzed the composition of the rock, they discovered it was a piece of a destroyed ...
The Earth was in a hurry to get over 2020.
The year 2020 was such a crazy year, even time did not escape its menace. The world's official timekeepers at International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) determined the Earth itself was in a hurry to get over 2020, as their highly accurate ...
The moon is wetter than previously thought.
For decades, scientists believed the moon is as dry as the pages of a Mathematics textbook. With no atmosphere to shield its surface from solar winds, the moon was assumed to be a giant desert in space. ALSO READNokia Is Going to Put ...
'Tardi Bears' are some of the toughest animals in the Universe.
Marc “Mackie” Mapalo, 27, is blazing a trail in the field of sciences. He is currently taking up his six-year Ph.D. course on Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard.Currently, Mapalo is focused on laying the groundwork for the comprehensive molecular study of ...
Open-Access is not forever.
Almost 200 scientific journals published online in the last 20 years have vanished from the internet. But it is not because of some form of attack from obscure anti-science groups. The scientific journals vanished because publishers of the websites decided to discontinue ...
Ever heard of the Dark Ages?
At the close of every year, we often see people posting the same things on social media: “worst year ever,” “glad this year is over,” and “good riddance!” For some reason, many of us are fixated on blaming a fixed period of ...
They returned to earth with ripped physiques.
Bulked-up, mutant "mighty mice" held onto their muscle during a monthlong stay at the InternationalSpace Station, returning to Earth with ripped bodybuilder physiques, scientists reported Monday.Top Story: Asia's Richest FamilyThe findings hold promise for preventing muscle and bone loss in astronauts on prolonged ...
The team developed an app that forecasts the outcome of lockdowns on a country’s economy and environment.
A team from the Philippines took top honors at a special COVID-19 edition of the prestigious Space Apps Challenge organized by the United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).Also read: 25 Famous Landmarks from Old ManilaTeam Cirrolytix’s GIDEON project won for Best ...
Scientists set speed records getting vaccines into massive testing just months after the coronavirus emerged.
The biggest test yet of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine got underway Monday with the first of some 30,000 Americans rolling up their sleeves to receive shots created by the U.S. government as part of the all-out global race to stop the pandemic."I'm ...
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