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The key to soft and smooth skin.
You have your facial cleanser down pat, and your moisturizer and serums figured out. But, you're probably missing one more thing: a good face scrub that does the job. Sure, it's another product to add to your grooming arsenal but the benefits of ...
Stock up on these top-rated beauty favorites for a powerful beauty routine.
There are times when you're faced with major dilemmas, like say, entering a Sephora, Ulta, or Cult Beauty online store, and you're so overwhelmed you don't know where to begin. Well, it's always best to stick to the tried-and-tested bestsellers such as ...
We talk to some of our beauty-obsessed friends and brand managers to give us a peek into their beauty arsenal with their very own #shelfies.
Welcome to Town&Country's new beauty series, The Beauty Altar, where we feature the makeup and skincare closets of our readers and friends. Mom of three, Grace is known as @thespoiledmummy on Instagram, based on her lifestyle blog She is also an entrepreneur, ...
What to do when you're facing scaly skin, chapped lips, and redness after coming home from your vacation.
Many jet setters use their long holiday breaks to escape the heat by spending Christmas and New Year’s in a colder and whiter environment. After enjoying a White Christmas, however, the sudden shift in climate coming home from the extreme cold can ...
Stay beautiful while traveling.
Perhaps the greatest pain in packing is having to leave behind many of the comforts of home–your daily beauty regimen included.Here, we’ve compiled a list of travel-friendly beauty products that you can take on the go:This cult beauty brand has prepped for ...
What role should your skin type really play in your skincare picks? We take you from confusion to solution.
While there really is no danger in buying skincare products over the counter—they all come in “safe” concentrations for home use—it makes a huge difference to know your skin type and apply the right products that address your skin concerns.Many of us ...
Tip No. 5: Trimming down there is not only perfectly acceptable in 2017, it's polite.
Time was, a man who spent too long in the bathroom was met with a level of scorn and suspicion usually reserved for politicians who try to embrace indie music. Thankfully times have changed, but even now it's easy to feel bemused by ...
The Rock, Biebs, Diddy, and Becks reveal how they Benjamin Button their way through life.
No, you’re not imagining it. There’s a reason your favorite male celebrity still looks like he’s fresh out of college even if he’s pushing 45 (we’re looking at you, Pharrell Williams). While luck in the genetic lottery makes up part of it, ...
Showing that you care takes four easy steps.
Yes, you can let your face become grizzled and lined and wild. You’re a man after all. But then there’s your wife or girlfriend and everybody else, all of whom have to look at your grizzly prune face and worry about your ...
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