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He's credited with creating characters who represented the best of us, but his own story is much more complex.
Growing up, comics were my life. Once every couple of months we would take the bus for over an hour into the center of London where we'd enter the hallowed halls of the famous comic-book shop Forbidden Planet. I'd dig in the ...
"Not yet."
Stan Lee, the mastermind behind Marvel Comics, died Monday at age 95. Film director Spike Lee, a legend in his own right, is still very much alive. But a newspaper in New Zealand doesn't seem to know the difference.On Tuesday, The Gisborne Herald made a huge ...
The Marvel Comics creator died at age 95.
Stan Lee, the mastermind behind many of Marvel Comic's superheroes, died Monday at age 95.After years of battling several illnesses, including pneumonia and vision issues, his daughter, Joan Celia Lee, said in a statement to TMZ, "My father loved all of his fans. ...
"Bigotry and racism are among the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today."
In August of 2017, shortly after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virgiiia, Stan Lee shared a column he wrote nearly half a century earlier. Between 1965 and 2001, Lee would write the monthly column Stan's Soapbox in Marvel Comics. In 1968, ...
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 reveals a whole new level to his appearances
Whether made by Disney, Fox or Sony, a Stan Lee cameo in a Marvel movie is pretty much a given (although yes, super-nerds, there are some exceptions, including the Blade trilogy and a handful of X-Men movies).The now-94-year-old has popped up as ...
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