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It’s the Facebook of the stock market.
Ninety-four percent of the world’s wealth belongs to the richest 20 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal. That means that the poorest 80 percent are sharing six percent of the world’s wealth between them. To put things into even more perspective, ...
Real estate tech startup C Estates is poised to democratize the property market.
“Everything is going digital—I think real estate is not an exception,” says Eli Becislao, COO of C Estates Inc., a real estate tech startup that’s gearing to disrupt the real estate market.C Estates is an open-access online platform that connects real estate buyers ...
The price drop was caused by a "fat finger," or typo error, caused by a local broker
Cebu Pacific's stock prices are back to a stable 87.00 following a major price drop on Tuesday, July 9. An alleged “fat finger,” or typo error, by a local broker caused Cebu Air's share price to plunge as much as 38 percent during ...
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