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What would six modern series and movies look like when remade as a popular ’90s toy?
Remember Polly? She was this tiny girl who lived in a tiny house that could collapse and fold into a tiny compact. Polly and her tiny friends were your older sister’s best friends, and one time when no one was looking, a ...
When asked to describe Stranger Things 4 in emojis, its writers' Twitter account sparked speculation of someone's demise.
Stranger Things season four could be set for a major character death, if a tease by the show's writers is anything to go by. The show already devastated fans at the end of season three by seemingly killing off Hopper—though whether he is ...
Netflix has announced the fourth season with a mysterious teaser.
The main problem with Stranger Things 3 was that most of the episodes felt all too similar to the first two seasons. Despite the structural and narrative likenesses, though, Stranger Things Season Three did end in a more interesting place than seasons one and two. By ...
Fun-sized scene-stealers.
Kids run the show on these Netflix Originals. They don’t need age or experience (or height) to steal the show—they’re doing it all on their own with their snappy one-liners, well-executed performances, and overall stage presence, courtesy of the talented actors behind ...
It all leads to an actual phone number and an important message.
In the week since Season Three of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix, fans have not only binged all eight episodes, but tirelessly dug into the big cliffhanger's that the finale left us with. Is Hopper really dead? What happened to Eleven's powers? Who is "The American?"Through it ...
They are also her most rigorous critics.
Maya Hawke has a bright future ahead of her, especially now that critics are praising her breakout role as Robin in Stranger Things 3. But no one is prouder than her A-lister parents Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. In Stranger Things 3, ...
We break down all the details of this season's shocking ending.
Over the course of its first seven episodes, Stranger Things 3 unfolds much like the two previous seasons. The kids are doing normal kid things, then weird things start happening, then they're the only ones who take responsibility for the lives of everyone in ...
Such as: What happened to Eleven? And, who is managing this Scoops Ahoy?
Stranger Things is like comfort food. It's always familiar, and it's great because it gives you all the things you want—even if it's not everything you need. That's why settling into the third season of Stranger Things is like going home again—familiar friends, comfortable settings, ...
"Tears will be shed," says Sadie Sink, who plays Max on screen.
Stranger Things comes back in just a few days, and the general consensus from all the trailers, promos, and interviews we've seen so far is that it's a lot brighter and more playful than seasons past. Despite this, however, the cast says fans should expect ...
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