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Francis Kurkdjian's latest scent story is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Or any day, really.
“It’s all about the story,” says Francis Kurkdjian, founder of the eponymous luxury perfume maison in Paris, when asked about the inspiration for his fragrances“What is my story? What do I want to tell? What is the aim of the story and what ...
Lay claim to a future collector's grail.
Sneaker culture was going to die. Until it didn't. Because, despite the cacophony of doomsayers ringing the death knell of streetwear at large, luxury didn't just continue its love affair with the blue chip trainer; it made a commitment. And the marriage ...
There’s no excuse not to run when you’ve got this pair of shoes on.
There’s no holding back adidas’ brand spankin’ new shoe designed to move runners forward. The adidas 4DFWD is one seriously data-driven running shoe which took two years in the lab to make. The brand with the three stripes utilized more than 17 years’ ...
C3P0, R2D2, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett are getting the Citizen watch treatment.
The challenge is going to be a tall order: getting all the way through this story without referencing the date and using the meme-worn phrase. By the time you read this, you had already chuckled at the hundreds of Star Wars memes on social media.At ...
The NLEX star revealed the news on Instagram today.
"I STILL can't believe it."That's the reaction of Kiefer Ravena, who is now officially the first Filipino athlete to sign with the prestigious Jordan Brand.The NLEX star revealed the news on Instagram today.Ravena joins a star-studded roster of Jordan Brand signees, like Zion ...
Low-key is the way to be.
Tons of studies have been conducted on infidelity. Let's backtrack to what we already know: men with deep voices are more likely to cheat, women in medical professions have higher chances of committing adultery, hell, even having a banging sex life doesn't make you safe.Another red flag? ...
Start your engines. The Swiss powerhouse has given its classic racer a new go-go-go look.
Tag Heuer has announced a green version of its celebrated Monaco watch. The color, associated with vintage cars and motor racing, is apt.It is being released to mark the brand’s position as official sponsor and timekeeper of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, the ...
High-end, long-haul footwear is great and all, but there’s no substitute for canvas kicks built for wearin' and tearin'.
My grandmother was an unrepentant clotheshorse. No stranger to the thrilling sensation of showing off a new cop, she reveled in cheffing up A1 fits and in complimenting her grandchildren on theirs. Whenever I’d show up at her house for a surprise ...
Tame unruly pandemic hair by giving these barbers a call.
GCQ, ECQ, MECQ? Local businesses, including neighborhood barbershops, have been struggling with the fickle open-close situation of the quarantine. Meanwhile, your bed of hair is starting to resemble the potted plant you adopted during your plantito phase: wild and in need of a good ...
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