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After passing away at 84, the vaunted designer will remain a north star for those who love design.
In a softly filmed 1985 interview, Issey Miyake smiles at a teacup that's handed to him partway through, admiring the artistry of a seemingly innocuous item. It was a remarkable moment. One: because Miyake was notoriously private, giving the press few opportunities ...
A rendition of John's "Tiny Dancer," the song is set to drop in days.
Britney Spears is officially back in the music game. In what will mark her first release since the end of her conservatorship and the remarkable #FreeBritney campaign, the singer has plans for a new tune with the Rocket man himself, Sir Elton John.The ...
The British-Australian actress and singer died on Monday at the age of 73. Her Grease costar shared a moving tribute in response.
On Monday, Olivia Newton-John, beloved actress for her iconic roles in movies like Grease and Xanadu as well as her successful music career, died. She was 73. The news was confirmed by her husband, John Easterling, who revealed that Newton-John died at home at her ranch ...
Travelers need to present the QR code upon landing.
All international flights bound for the Philippines are required to register for One Health Pass, part of the Bureau of Quarantine's added safety protocols to monitor possible COVID-19 and monkeypox cases.More: Monkeypox Check: NAIA Passengers to Roll Up Sleeves and Take Off JacketsInternational passengers, regardless of origin, must fill ...
Call the "Diver X The Ocean Race," the watch is on the cutting edge of materials science—and design.
The interface between adventure sport and the environment is never more keenly felt than in the world’s oceans. Whether on them or under them, the impact of humankind on marine life is more noticeable, ironically perhaps, the further you get from people. ...
An exclusive short story from the author of The Crane Wife.
The summer the Gables and the Franklins fell in love with each other they were drunk off their best gin, their just-waning youths and their own good fortunes. They became rich, and then they became neighbours. Helen and Logan Gable (old family ...
Sam Ramos-Jones looks back at his grandfather's life and legacy.
Former President Fidel V. Ramos was a "very warm and funny" grandfather, his grandson Sam Ramos-Jones said Monday as he looked back at his lolo's life and legacy as a military man and public servant.Despite spending most of his life as a ...
Mr. Ford knows exactly how to sex up perfume's most overused note.
Big Fashion has long been in bed with the fragrance industry: a crowd-pleasing signature bottle, backed by a botoxed Hollywood face (or unsettlingly attractive centaur), is an essential revenue arm for designers with a behemoth parent company to keep happy.But in an industry overflowing ...
The brand revisits its colorful heritage.
Green has become a go-to color for watch brands over the past few years. It's a trend Piaget has now got on board with, launching its two latest models, the Polo Green Date and Polo Green Skeleton. Its marketing materials trumpet the ...
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