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Bespoke tailor company Salvo has a few ideas.
This year's Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride happens on Sunday, May 23. The annual celebration marks a decade of classic and vintage style motorcycle owners dressing up, looking dapper, and riding for a great cause. Founded by Mark Hawwa in Sydney, Australia, the first themed ...
Even Prince Charles had a favorite tailor in Hong Kong.
Not too long ago, Hong Kong was hailed as one of the world's sartorial capitals, besting even London's legendary Savile Row when it came to men's tailoring. Today, the well-dressed man on a shopping trip has a wealth of choices before him: ...
Neapolitan suits have a natural relaxed swagger about them.
There are rules to dressing well and they’re different for men and women, and unfortunately for men living in this world of ready-to-wear’s homogenized sizes, the biggest challenge is picking the right clothes for your body shape. Simply put, it comes down ...
Celebrated chef Lanshu Chen tells us how this small but proud country became a serious foodie destination.
At a time when the world’s eyes are trained on Taiwan, both for its reputation as a travel destination and for the plethora of dining options, Chef Lanshu Chen arrived at the UNICEF Children’s Ball as one of the most venerated figures ...
Next generation Tailor Abdul Salam fashions shirts, barongs, and guayaberas to your liking.
“I’m not so much a tailor,” begins 29-year-old Abdul Salam, the man behind White Planes Workshop, a custom tailoring company he founded in 2011. “I’m a halfway tailor, if anything really,” he says. “I just figure the important part at the end ...
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