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He also reveals what gets his creative juices going and unveils his latest pursuits.
For C. Mark Wilson, a childhood Christmas present turned out to be a gift that just keeps giving. When he was 13, he received a camera; over the holidays, spent with his cousins at the ancestral family home, Mark could not put ...
In whatever field she has entered, entrepreneur Karen Santos is driven by her passions.
Every so often, the universe sends Karen Santos a sign, and everything else just seems to fall into place. Best known these days for Kassa, her brand that sells fine linens and table accessories, Karen now also offers fine furniture—everything from Louis ...
Curiosity and openness are crucial to developing taste, in art and other matters, according to this stylish art collector.
Later this month, the latest edition of Art in the Park gets underway at the Jaime Velasquez Park in Makati. Billed as the country’s most significant affordable art fair, it’s a pet project of Trickie’s, one of the driving forces behind Philippine ...
Modern artist and craftswoman, Yola Perez Johnson, reveals how she loves doing the unexpected.
Modern artist and craftswoman, Yola Perez Johnson, reveals how she loves doing the unexpected.Yola was but a child when her renegade streak began manifesting itself. At age 5, she stirred panic in her household by disappearing for hours to watch the festivities ...
Former shoe and accessories designer, equestrienne, and now founding member of the truffle-loving knights of Alba, Ina leads a very cosmopolitan life.
When it comes to matters of taste, Ina Ayala keeps an open mind. Not one to go for the big name fashion labels herself, Ina admires other women who trust their own style instincts and don’t just jump on the latest trends. ...
The fashion and lifestyle journalist, book author, and home and interiors store owner shares what inspires his effortlessly cool style.
Travel, my collection of design books, and 1stdibs.My partner, Bruce Bromberg, who constantly reminds me that I am smart and should apply myself more. His nagging led to my book, my store, and my home line, which is now sold at Bergdorf ...
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