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Energy level: Zero.
This year's Miss Universe competition was lackluster at best. Not only did our contestant Rabiya Mateo not make the cut, neither did Steve Harvey whose lighthearted and self-deprecating humor alleviated the tension of the pageant for years.Even that iconic 2015 mixup with ...
One scientist warns that men won’t be able to reproduce by 2045.
The fate of mankind is looking a little precarious right now.According to Dr. Shanna Swan, an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at Mount Sinai in New York, pollution is not just destroying our planet—it’s disrupting fertility in men.In Swan’s new book Count Down, ...
Jan passed away at only 29.
A child without parents is called an orphan. A spouse who has lost a partner is called a widow. Yet there seems to be no word to encompass the pain of a parent losing a child.In a eulogy no father will hopefully ...
The cost of not recycling.
Southeast Asian countries lose out on as much as $6 billion (P292 billion) a year as most of their single-use plastics are thrown out rather than recovered and recycled, the World Bank said in a new study.More than 75% of recyclable plastics ...
What's next, NCR SE?
Almost a year to the day, NCR is back in lockdown—or soft ECQ, or hard GCQ, or whatever the hell the powers that be want to call it. Apparently, the label for now is “bubble,” which makes us think of the giant ...
She was only 29.
Jan Catherine Sy, businesswoman and equestrienne, has passed away.Sy is the daughter of Henry "Big Boy" Sy Jr., the chairman of SM Prime Holdings, and Jasmine Tamesis Sy. She is also the granddaughter of Henry Sy Sr., founder of SM Group.Jan Catherine Sy ...
Not literally, of course.
There are some things we Marvel nerds think about a lot. Where was Captain Marvel in Endgame? What happened to the multiverse after the Blip? Who made Rocket? Why is Gamora? But the most important unanswered question of all: Does Vision have ...
He said what?
In a moment of pure trash reality TV, the world finally got a good look inside the biggest reality show in history: the British Royal family. Outside the royal bubble that cocoons the privileged royals of the British monarchy, their actions are ...
What government officials have to say.
There’s been an onslaught of conflicting statements from the government regarding vaccinations of soldiers. On Monday (December 28), several government officials revealed that COVID-19 vaccinations have already started in the Philippines. However, the Food and Drug Administration, which approves and rejects all pharmaceuticals ...
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