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It’s equipped with advanced anti-fogging technology. 
Jelli Tech is a startup based in the Philippines. In 2020, founder Steve Tsao realized that even when things go back to normal, people would never really see each other’s faces because they would likely still be required to wear masks. “If my ...
Last year, 2020, was the worst year of cyber attacks, and the war prizes are all for the reaping on the dark web. Passwords, PIN codes, passports—you name it, it's on the dark web. And the craziest part? It's all criminally cheap, ...
Algorithms over politicians? We're not against it.
We've heard the threat of AI taking over our jobs for years. The World Economic Forum reported that secretaries, accountants, and factory workers were the most in danger of losing their jobs to robots and AI in the next five years. News of ...
It also comes in red, orange, teal, and blue.
The iPhone 12 Mini is a triumph. Tech junkies consider the model as a serious step forward for Apple, and is one of the best ones in its chipset tier (Apple A14 Bionic, 5 nm) in terms of its performance and speed. And ...
Who knew Metro Manila could be so cute?
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is well known for the sheer creativity of its players as they transform their islands into unique worlds that reflect their personalities. But Anna Natividad definitely takes the cake with her Filipino-themed island, Hilaga.A good portion of the ...
It’s a limited-edition collab with the HBO franchise. 
Among pro-gamers and streamers, the Secretlab gaming chair is a coveted piece of furniture. With the launch of its limited-edition Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary Edition chair, even non-gamers will be tempted to sit on one. The year 2021 marks the 10th ...
The streaming service is looking into expanding to interactive entertainment.
Netflix has been killing it in all ways possible lately. From working with the biggest actors and getting award-winning directors, we've been constantly fed amazing series and movies month after month. And, it seems there's nothing else to do but expand.Where you ...
The future is here.
Hollywood movies can sometimes be seen as the crystal ball for future tech. From the Jetsons to Star Wars to Back to the Future, high speed personal aerial mobility has always been a pipe dream. Until now.  Tom Cruise said it best with his ...
Newsrooms need to adapt to the digital space. 
The Facebook Journalism Project and Reuters launched a free e-learning program. The Reuters Digital Journalism Course aims to support journalists in eight countries across the Asia Pacific and India to build a strong foundation in digital reporting and editing.Journalists from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, ...
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