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Is a pause from life worth it? Or are you just wasting your time?
Dear Truly Rich Lady,Asking for a friend: Is taking a gap year a good idea? Also, is it okay if my friend—not me!—does a gap year even though she is no longer fresh out of high school or college or in her ...
Our resident Truly Rich Lady lists down her daily gains and losses.
“Uh, ma’am, your financial advisers have asked that you please curb your spending,” says Lennie, my new assistant (the other one is on vacation). “They wish to inform you that, unfortunately, you went over your allocation for miscellaneous expenses last quarter, and ...
Perception is hard to shake off, especially when you are bombarded with images of the mestiza, the chinita, the East Asian, and the Caucasian.
Hello, people of the world, fellow Truly Rich Ladies and other beings who have to work! I am writing this from a secret summer place, and I feel like I am shouting. AM I SHOUTING? I FEEL LIKE I AM. BECAUSE I ...
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