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Amy Pascal says Hardy will be back "magnificently playing that character as no-one else can"
There were a few burbles of foreboding before Venom turned up late last year, but the huge appetite for Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock and his lobster tank-dunking saw those burbles forced back down the burblers' throats, and the film took a stonking £671 million ...
Into the Venom-Verse
Note: Contains spoilers for Venom.Tom Hardy's Spider-Man spin-off Venom is here, and like any self-respecting superhero movie, it has post-credits scenes. A mid-credits scene and post-credits scene, to be precise.Here's what they mean, and how they might build towards Sony's superhero universe.The first scene shows ...
Its Queens setting feels much grittier than Peter Parker's.
The second trailer for Venom has arrived, and it's given us a few more pointers as to where it's headed. We know it'll mix The Thing-style body horror with science-gone-mad morals and a distinctly darker look and feel to your average Marvel ...
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