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It is precisely 6.3 inches long. 
Over 2,000 years ago, there was a Roman outpost in England. It was Vindolanda Fort, just south of Hadrian’s Wall. In 1992, an unusually well-preserved dildo from that period was accidentally unearthed at the fort, but archaeologists did not immediately realize they ...
“Historical artifact buried below. Do not open for 10,000 years.”
You’ve probably thought about what future civilizations would find as remnants of our present technology. What would they unearth 10,000 years from now? Most likely, they would find the remnants of the urban jungles we have today buried under feet of earth. ...
Police arrested three farmers for taking part in the illegal game.
The police chief of a Philippine town was killed during a raid on an illegal cockfight when he bled to death after the razor-sharp metal blade on one of the roosters sliced an artery in his leg, officials said Wednesday.READ MORE CRIME ...
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