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All the more reason why companies should let employees work from home.
These days, employees who work from home get to have the kind of work-life balance that was never afforded to them before the pandemic, not just from a well-being standpoint, but also from a financial one. In the case of Filipino workers, they can ...
FYI, it’s your right to ignore your boss’ calls and texts after work.
The Internet is quickly becoming the bane of every burned-out employee and student’s existence. As we’ve switched to remote working and e-learning setups, the lines between personal time and work have become conspicuously muddled. Though increased flexibility with work may have been a ...
The next phase in the evolution of how people work is a shorter workweek.
Are you ready for the four-day workweek? After breaking the rules of where you toil away, the evolution of work sets its sights on how long you work or, more specifically, the total days in a week you work. The standard of ...
Workers seem to like Jason Mraz.
Some of us prefer a quiet workplace, but there are those who love to put on some tunes while we slave away at our desks. That got us wondering what the most popular songs are to listen to at work. Hitachi Capital parsed through ...
More options for remote work.
Japan continues to innovate the remote working situation. Apart from a work-from-hotel arrangement, where telecommuters can book a hotel room as their office for the day, the country now has a coworking-style Starbucks for hardworking citizens or workaholic coffee lovers.Top Story: Philippine 'Witch ...
Good idea? Bad idea?
We’re learning a lot about how we work because of the pandemic. Lesson No. 1: We can do almost everything from home. Lesson No. 2: We can do all these things better while dressed in PJs. Lesson No. 4: We don’t need The Boss ...
And companies that don’t provide a flexible workplace policy risk losing top talents.
In January, employees everywhere rejoiced as President Rodrigo Duterte signed a law that provided a concrete set of rules and regulations for companies to allow their workers to work from home.Some saw it as a sign that more companies are set to ...
Who are entitled to the telecommuting program? Are there differences in pay? When can we start?
President Rodrigo Duterte has signed into law Republic Act 11165, also known as “An Act Institutionalizing Telecommuting as an Alternative Work Arrangement for Employees in the Private Sector.” The bill was authored by Senator Joel Villanueva.Aside from promoting a healthy work-life balance ...
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