Anna Grace Lee

Anna Grace Lee is an editorial fellow at Esquire, where she covers pop culture, music, and entertainment.
Allow us to guide you through the history of Bitcoin, from its origins in the 1970s to its skyrocketing value today and uncertain future.
Ridley Scott's new film follows the true story of Patrizia Reggiani's plot to murder her husband, Maurizio Gucci, grandson of the founder of the fashion house.
Tough times for coins, both bit and doge.
In a new statement, the global superstars condemned anti-Asian violence in the U.S. and shared personal stories about the racism they've faced.
Your guide to the cryptocurrency collectibles that are taking the digital art and music world by storm.
Let's all be thankful that James Cameron changed his mind.
Call it animation. Call it cartoons. Just don't count out this slate of incredible movies in one of film's coolest mediums.
How a perfect storm of talent, teen drama, and the TikTok bump catapulted the Disney star's song to the top.
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