Brady Langmann

Wait, did we tell you? Indiana Jones 5 will de-age Harrison Ford.
See where Black Panther: Wakanda Forever fits into our great sendup of the MCU's 30(!) films.
I take back all of the mean things I said! I love you! Please!
A bigwig at Marvel Studios (not named Kevin Feige) just teased the return of the space gods.
For instance: Hugh Jackman just threw some doubt on whether or not this movie will even be called Deadpool 3.
The former president is reportedly part of a group looking to buy the Phoenix Suns.
As always nowadays, there's only one way to see this MCU jam.
We have no doubt that Michael B. Jordan's first directing gig will be a winner.
The Rings of Power showrunners dished on their scrapped script, which they called "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in space."
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