Josh Rosenberg

Josh Rosenberg is an entertainment writer living in Brooklyn, keeping a steady diet of one movie a day; his work can be found at Spin, Insider, Vibe, and on his personal blog at
Let's break down Netflix's latest live-action anime adaptation.
This comes after #NoBarbenheimer began trending on Twitter in Japan.
Christopher Nolan made a sprawling, three-hour-long drama. His audience is counting stars on a flag.
"I think when you see it, it’s so f*cking powerful," says Cillian Murphy. But not everyone agrees.
For the first time in over six decades, both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA have gone on strike-and it'll have major implications across Hollywood.
The fight is on this Summer in one of the oldest and most-honored tennis traditions.
Spears alleged that, after tapping the basketball phenom on the back, his security team "backhanded me in the face."
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