Tom Ward

Expert PT Jason Walsh breaks down how the 36-year-old Top Gun actor built a leading man’s body and mindset.
As The Whale soaks up awards, we look back at the director’s 2008 meditation on how we navigate life’s disappointments.
The much anticipated game will take place in a reimagined Vice City. Here’s what we’d like to see in the next iteration.
Whereas so many films in the genre tie themselves in knots, director Rian Johnson kept things simple.
Don't know what habits to take up? Choose from our handy guide and watch your life marginally improve over the long term!
Curious about carving out a cobblestone core? Read this first.
Sculpting eye-catching abs isn’t all about aesthetics. With the help of experts and the latest science, you'll improve athletic performance, prevent injuries and, yes, look pretty good shirtless.
Your friendly neighbourhood ectomorph mixes strength, speed and cardio for functional fitness that still looks good in spandex, with help from PT George Ashwell
War is hell. Watching movies is easy. Opt for the latter
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