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Who Could Forky, the New Toy, in 'Toy Story 4' Be?

A few guesses.
IMAGE IMDb / Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar's Toy Story, one of the few animated films that can make you feel happy and sad about the state of your adult life, has just released the teaser for its latest installment.

New to the series is Forky, a toy made by Bonnie (the new owner of the gang) out of a spork (body), pipe cleaners (hands), what looks like clay (hair and mouth), and googly eyes. Bonnie is crafty.

Obviously, unlike the other toys—Woody, Buzy, Jessie, Slinky Dog (who is your favorite?)—this Forky is not a real toy, but a dressed-up disposable spoon with tines invented by Samuel W. Francis for lazy people or maybe frugal people. 

And he knows it. Midway through the clip, as the toys are holding hands while Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" play, Forky, the Not Toy, screams, "I don't belong here!”

So who can he be? A few guesses: 

1| Forky is Lotso. He's what's left of the Toy Story 3 villain, who, at the end of that movie, was seen strapped to a truck's radiator grille. (Lotso has had a tough life since then.)

2| Forky is climate change. He is both cause and solution. He is plastic but is reusable and, in this case, has been upcycled into a Not Toy. 

3| Forky is a Pokemon. He just escaped his trainer and this yellow fuzzball detective with the voice of Deadpool. His power is poking. 

4| Forky is a villian. He's playing the fool now, but he's really out to get his natural prey, Hamm.

5| Forky is a ghost. Like M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense, he is a product of your supernatural imaginings. He's not really there, Woody! 

Okay, okay. But here's what we really know: Toy Story 4 will revolve around the gang's search for Bo Peep, who, according to Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, was sold at a yard sale. Peep, for those who have forgotten or haven't watched the movies (how dare you!) is, of course, the love interest of Woody. 


Not really sure how Forky fits into this scheme, but we are ready to laugh and then cry again when Toy Story 4 comes out in June 2019.  

Here's the teaser:

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