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Manila Hotel's Art Gallery Presents Art That You can Build Your Home Around

Art Gallery by The Manila Hotel presents works by eight Filipino masters.

If you're looking to redesign your home interiors, here's a little secret we learned from an artist at Art Gallery by The Manila Hotel: Begin by choosing your statement sculptures and paintings, and then use them as the basis for how the room will look and feel. 

Art Gallery by The Manila Hotel has unveiled its first collection, featuring works by Hermes Alegre, Ross Capili, Salvador Ching, Fil Dela Cruz, Edgar Doctor, Raul Isidro, Raul Lebajo, and Mario de Rivera. This exhibit is slated to run until March 30, 2019. 

"Nature's Fireworks", Ross Capili

Ross Capili's "Nature's Fireworks" is inspired by Paris, the City of Light, and Sydney, the City of Fireworks, both symbols of the celebration of life. The artist used his own gestural strokes and calligraphy movement while painting on the floor using the wet-on-wet technique. 

"Harana", Salvador Ching


This mixed media work by Salvador Ching, anchored by the image of a katutubo highlander holding a three-stringed instrument, is a smaller version of the artist's "Made in the Philippines" work. He used different patterns, both traditional and new, in a silk-screen process called serigraph. 

"Carnival Man", Raul Isidro

Inspired by his work in landscapes, Raul Isidro translated the expression of movement in "Carnival Man." The acrylic-on-canvas piece highlights how difficult it is to capture something that moves, but the bright colors show that even in the blur, there is something beautiful to behold. 

"Biyaya ng Dagat", Edgar Doctor

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Confidence is key says Edgar Doctor for anyone looking to own "Biyaya ng Dagat" or any piece of artwork. The acrylic-on-canvas painting is for the man who goes with the flow and starts over again when he makes a mistake. At the core of it, Doctor lets his art serve a purpose: This piece is a tribute to the Filipino fishermen who feed the nation.

"Chica de Oro", Hermes Alegre

Hermes Alegre turned 50, and his mixed-media-on-paper "Chica de Oro" is a golden reflection of that. He painted himself as the main woman, and showed his love for women and the female body through it. He insists he is shy, like the women in his paintings who all look away (in the nude) or have their exposed backs turned to us. 

"Diwata: Perla", Fil dela Cruz


With a female gazing pensively from the center of the piece, the oil-on-canvas "Diwata: Perla" by Fil Dela Cruz is meant to evoke the sense of rising from the past. She is not just a diwata, a wood nymph, or goddessshe is all those and more. Intended as a diptych with "Diwata: Punla," the impasto feels like the whole painting is coming to life and stepping out of the canvas.  

"Between Diu and Makassar", Mario de Rivera

Steeped in influences from his travels across Asia with fable elements from his childhood, Mario de Rivera's "Between Diu and Makassar" is a mixed-media piece meant to be touched slowly and sensually. The marble paste and uneven panels for this wall piece lend so much texture and depth. The painting seems to issue an invitation to step in and let your imagination take flight.  

Chris Orta, resident manager of the The Manila Hotel, explains the purpose of Art Gallery: "It was a missing piece in the hotel because we did not feel we were doing enough socially in connecting with the cultural arts."


Art Gallery by The Manila Hotel provides a showcase for artists to reach their market, while also providing a venue for casual viewers to appreciate their work. 

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