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“Wave,” Marvel’s Filipina Superheroine, Defends The North Pacific

That initial meeting with Chinese superhero Aero was replete with meaning as it subtly touches on the disputes in the West Philippine Sea.

Marvel teases the debut of its War of Realms: New Agents of Atlas with a preview that subtly references the turmoil in the West Philippine Sea.

In a sneak peek shared by writer Greg Pak, Pearl Pangan, also known as Wave, is shown responding to a disturbance in the water in the North Pacific, only to face off with Aero, a Chinese hero based in Shanghai.

“Wave, this is Triumph Division! What are you doing!” radioes Triumph Division, a group consisting of the Philippines’ finest superheroes.

“There’s something wrong, there’s something in the water!” replies Wave.

“Yeah, that’d be you! You’re 5,000 miles out of jurisdiction! Now come back before…”

And then Wave makes contact with Aero.

“Wave! Your territory’s the Philippine Sea! What are you doing out here?” asks Aero.

“Who are you to ask, Aero? These aren’t Chinese waters! And what are you –”


Their exchange was interrupted by the same disturbance that drew them to the North Pacific.

“Wait, can you feel that… that tremor?” asks Aero. “That’s why I came here – that disturbance in the wind.”

Wave corrects her, “No, it’s in the water.”

A maelstrom occurs, which Wave quickly dispatches, revealing what seems to be a volcano, which then explodes and reveals a supervillain who seems to have knocked out Wave and Aero in one hit.

“Almost too easy, isn’t it? Divide and conquer,” says the supervillain, who apparently planned the entire event.

The preview does not reveal much about Wave, but it shows that her true name is Pearl Pangan and that she comes from Cebu. War of Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1 is set to debut on May 8.

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