There Are Plans for a Sustainable City on Mars Because Of Course There Are

Don't know about you, but we're excited.

It seems outer space is the next frontier for recreational travel. Fresh off Axiom Space's intentions to build the first luxury hotel in space, an architectural firm has just unveiled the plans for the first sustainable city on Mars. 

Presenting Nüwa City in Tempe Mensa, Mars, a 600 million square feet sustainable and sufficient city developed in collaboration with international scientists, European universities, and designers. The plans, created by architectural firm Abiboo offers unmatched views, radiation and meteorite protection, and more.

Abiboo Studio created the project as an "urban and architectural solution that ensures food, energy, building materials, and transportation in Mars’s extreme environment." It will have farming, spaces for art, and all the recreation activities you can dream of.

"Nüwa and its sister cities exponentially accommodate their population. After an initial short period of capital investment and supply from Earth, this urban development on Mars maintains and grows by its means and sustainable manner. All the materials required for constructing the city are obtained on Mars by processing Carbon and other minerals," Abiboo Studio said in a release.


Abiboo Studio has also released a video showing Nüwa, the cliff city on Mars. Watch it below.

watch now
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