Millennials are Looking for Cool, Responsive Workspaces—So Should You

It doesn’t look anything remotely like the ‘Mad Men’ set.

If your current office design scores major points on health, well-being, and happiness, then you have yourself a winner. It certainly follows the new global trend in work environment which focuses on one important thingthe user experience. Workers now are given top priority when designing the workspace, giving them a space that responds to their needs at any given time.

“Millenials require more than a desk and chair; they need space that can easily adapt to the need at handwhether it is for them to prevent external distractions, or to create a space that would be conducive for collaboration and the free flow of ideas,” says Burkhardt Zipperich, founder and owner of Boogi concept and furniture store. Boogi offers insightfully designed pieces of furnishings, lightings, accessories that enhance work, study, and leisure spaces.

He echoes the perspective of one of their signature brands, the multi-awarded Spanish furniture brand Actiu, which defines "Cool Working" spaces as those that make employees happy—and therefore more productive.  It is a space that promotes collaboration, improves focus, and enhances teamwork. To be a cool working space, it must be:

1| Diverse

Gone are the days when an office is generally divided into two sections: the workday Joe's cubicles and private executive rooms walled off from the rest. The modern office encourages collaboration and teamwork, yet still has pockets of space for privacy. Novel spaces can be introduced, too: brainstorming areas, thinking rooms, stand-up meeting points, open spaces with sound-absorbing materials, and even gaming and R&R areas are all features of hip workplaces.

The modern office encourages collaboration and teamwork, yet still has pockets of space for privacy.

2| Flexible

Workspaces should be furnished with pieces that can easily adapt to one’s preferences. Case in point is the Actiu’s Mobility Height-Adjustable Desk, which can be adjusted from an ordinary desk to standing desk with a push of a button. 


Actiu’s Mobility Height-Adjustable Desk can be adjusted from an ordinary desk to standing desk.

3| Responsive

Technology is so much a part of any job, so it should be taken into consideration in every workspace. An office should have areas that are multimedia-capable, to serve as meeting points or training areas. For that, Actiu has the Twist Video Conference table, a tall table with an integrated display monitormaking it ideal for presentations, video conferences, and online meetings.

Actiu's Twist Video Conference is a tall table with an integrated display monitor that is ideal for presentations, video conferences and online meetings.

Boogi Showroom is at 830 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City.

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