How to Fight the Bad Luck Away From Your Business on Ghost Month

Pro? Ghosts are low energy. Con? Ghosts feed off your energy.

Were you one of the unlucky ones that needed to rush a deal or ensure papers were signed before the long weekend? You know who you are: The one who was totally stressed out due to some superstition called Ghost Month. Now what the hell is Ghost Month and what to do when luck isn’t on your side? 

The Hungry Ghost Month is the time of the year when the ruler of the underworld is said to allow the hungry ghosts to roam the earth and receive blessings and offerings that they are otherwise unable to get. These ghosts are considered hungry because they don’t have anyone praying for their souls. Our dearly departed are not the ghosts coming out to play. It’s those poor unfortunate souls that have no one to pray for them or receive offerings that are out and about.

Because they are naughty and mischievous, there are more chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding between people, both at work and at home. Princesse Lim Fernandez of the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony advises that you take a breath before reacting to news, especially bad news. It’s best to double check and verify everything before you go off on a tirade. These ghosts enjoy clashes and feed off the energy.

They need the prayers and offerings given this month to allow them to move on in their journey as spirits. The best thing we can do, according to Princesse, is to offer masses and prayers for the souls in purgatory. “[No matter what religion you belong to], every religion has a form of offering for the souls in purgatory,” she says.


Not all signs are affected, however. It changes from year to year, just like our fortunes. “Ghosts have very low energy—they’re more Yin,” Princesse explains.

“[For] those who have good energy, the chances of them being affected by ghost month are very slim.” Those who have to watch out this year are the Fire Horses (1966), Wood Rabbits (1975), Wood Rats (1924 and 1984), Water Roosters (1933 and 1993), Water Horses (1942 and 2002), and Metal Rabbits (1951 and 2011).

There are a few days that everyone, regardless of sign, should be a little more careful: August 22 (the beginning of Hungry Ghost Month) and September 4 and 5 (the feast of the Hungry Ghost). On those days, it’s best to go home early. Don’t plan any major events or start new plans. Watch your step: literally! These ghosts are naughty spirits that enjoy a prank or two. Avoid dim places and empty spaces.

Large, dark, and empty spaces are especially attractive lures of ghosts into your the vicinity.

Have at least one light open in each area of your offices and homes. A radio, or anything that generates noise will do just as well. Those with warehouses or particularly large houses should make sure that a light is lit in the areas that aren’t often used. Large, dark, and empty spaces are especially attractive lures of ghosts into your the vicinity. “When a place is always quiet or dark, the more Yin energy is gathered and that’s the level of energy for the hungry ghosts,” Princesse says.

As far as not doing business during ghost month, Princesse eschews this belief. “That’s not practical!” she points out, but also says that this is the time of year when you should simply be happy with the status quo. “This isn’t the time to start a new project or launch a new product or open a store.”

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But what to do when everything is ready to go and your launch date is smack in the middle of ghost month? “I suggest you do a soft opening or a dry run,” Princesse advises. For those who are planning on building, now is not the right time to do so. Avoid demolitions, renovations and the like. If your project is ongoing, then that’s not a problem. All the same, building and project managers should lessen the overtime of their workers, especially on those particular three days to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

The world cannot stop turning during ghost month and neither must we.

Again, Princesse tells us to be practical. The world cannot stop turning during ghost month and neither must we. Those who are about to transfer to a new job, choosing an acceptable day within ghost month is a good way to go.

In general, people should avoid staying out too late and avoid dark areas, especially when parking your car. You can also carry a safety and health medallion with you if you are especially prone to the bad energy that ghost month brings with it. For those who plan to do offerings for ghost month, Princesse says to ensure that all offerings be done outside of your home’s perimeter. Remember, these aren’t the kind of spirits you want to invite into your homes and offices. Outside your gate or the curb is best.

Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony is at the Lagoon, New World Makati Hotel, Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue, Makati City; 752-5882, 811-6888 local 3066;

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