Why Ryan Reynolds Felt Like a Student Again in Netflix’s Michael Bay-Helmed Film 6 Underground

In Netflix’s new action-thriller 6 Underground, Ryan Reynolds stars as the team leader of a ragtag group of reluctant heroes, each looking for some sort of redemption as they delete their pasts to save the future. With Michael Bay as the director, viewers should expect a spectacle of a film, with action scene after action scene taking over the screen. From the trailer alone, it’s clear the film is a return to the classic approach to action films: guns, cars, and gore galore.

Ryan Reynolds at the South Korean green carpet event of '6 Underground'

“This film is so big, so muscular, and such an event that I was just kind of floored the whole time,” shared the star at a press conference prior to the film’s world premiere in South Korea on December 2. This is one of the few films in Reynold’s repertoire where he isn’t a producer, but the experience working on his first Bay film made Reynolds, now considered a veteran in Hollywood, a student in the action film world.


“I felt like a student again watching the movie, watching not just the way Michael Bay works, but the entire team around him. That was a real lesson,” shared Reynolds.

Reynolds with co-stars Adria Arjona (leftmost) and Melanie Laurent (third from right) 

In 6 Underground, Reynolds plays a character many would empathize with. “He does something that we’ve all, at a time in our lives, wished we could do. You watch the news and you’re looking at the world and see that it’s on fire and dictators are in charge of people. You wouldn’t really dignify them with any other term but bully,” explained Reynolds. “And my character is a guy who basically takes this into his own hands. He uses his insane amount of money he happens to have and decides to put it to good use to make the world a better place. He targets one specific dictator and decides to take down an entire regime using only the six people he has with him.”

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Reynolds admitted that he’s never had a moment where he felt that he could make as big of a difference as his character, but he shared, “I think everybody can make an impact, big or small. It’s everybody’s duty to effect change in the world in a way that’s positive and important. I do what I can from where I sit, and I think everyone else does everything they can from where they sit too.”

Michael Bay, director of '6 Underground'

It’s a big plot to tackle, which is why the film required a $150 million budget that some studios weren’t willing to cover. But the one that was? Netflix.

“Netflix was brave enough to give us the money,” explained Bay. 6 Underground is Bay’s first project with Netflix, following the many big Hollywood filmmakers who have also collaborated with the streaming giant.

“Our whole business has changed in the last few years. We have to get used to a different world. People want to consume things in different ways, and the movie-going experience is in some ways sort of dying, which is sad,” noted Bay.


And when asked how we can solve the death of the movie-going experience, Bay quipped, “Get a big TV.”

'6 Underground' will be released on December 13 on Netflix.

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