Just In Time for Halloween, Hulu Releases a Horror Episode About the Kapre

Hulu delved into the horror corner of the Philippines, home to a rich variety of folklore, many of them creepy or demonic in nature.

Ready for a horror marathon? Consider binge-watching Hulu’s Bite Size Halloween, a series of standalone shorts that explores horror stories from every corner of the world. For Season 3 Episode 18, Hulu delved into the horror corner of the Philippines, home to a rich variety of folklore, many of them creepy or demonic in nature. 

Titled “The Kapre,” Episode 18 introduces Hulu viewers to the dark side of Filipino folklore, particularly the kapre. Described by the show as “our version” of Bigfoot, the episode was directed by Filipino filmmaker Carlo Ledesma. 

“As a Filipino filmmaker it’s always been a dream of mine to share our myths and monsters to a global audience,” shared Ledesma in a Facebook post. “So when the wonderful people at 20th Digital Studio invited me to pitch for their critically-acclaimed Bite Size Halloween series on Hulu, I knew exactly which tree-dwelling, cigar-smoking creature I wanted to feature.”


Episode 8 follows two unsuspecting American travelers as they camp out in a Philippine forest, only to discover that they aren’t alone. Lurking in the woods is a kapre, a mythological giant who dwells in balete trees and has a penchant for smoking—sometimes Marlboros, sometimes cigars, sometimes weed (depends on your kapre).

Although most Filipino folklore creatures could star in horror movies, the kapre is considered neither good nor bad. Only mischievous and impulsive—and if you ever find yourself walking around in circles in their woods, it might help to turn your shirt inside out. 

“Thanks to an amazing dream team cast and crew, we were able to bring our hundred-foot giant to life,” said Ledesma. “So world, meet the kapre, the Philippine version of Bigfoot. He’s nice once ya get to know him.” 

This isn’t the first time Filipino folklore has received the spotlight on mainstream streaming platforms. Netflix’s Trese featured a whole pantheon of underworld creatures while HBO Asia’s Folklore focused on the terrible mangkukulam. 

To catch Hulu’s kapre, you might need a VPN to access Hulu from the Philippines. But if you already have a Hulu account from abroad, then you’re good to go. 

Get ready for The Kapre, now screaming on Hulu. 

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