Thanos, Loki, Valkyrie: These Were All Popular U.S. Baby Names in 2020

No one call the TVA.

It looks like Filipinos aren’t the only ones who love giving their kids, um, creative names. According to data from the U.S. Social Security Administration, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a top source for popular baby names in 2020.

And people just didn't name their kids after the heroes. Apparently, even the villains were inspirations for a group of babies born in 2020. Clearly, their parents were fans. 

The MCU has been indirectly naming babies for years, especially after the release of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. But it looks like in 2020, during COVID-19 and widespread quarantine in the U.S., it was the likes of Thanos that got parents inspired. Nine boys were named after the genocidal warlord. Maybe their parents agreed with Thanos’ “unique” methods to restore balance to the universe. 

Photo by Disney.

Meanwhile, like a scene out of the Disney+ show Loki, 130 boys were named after the beloved god of mischief—as well as five girls. The U.S. government will not confirm nor deny that these babies are variants of one another, but let’s hope they never meet lest another Nexus Event occurs. 


Other unique MCU-inspired names that were popular in 2020 include: Banner (64 boys), Bucky (nine boys), Drax (five boys), Falcon (28 boys), Happy (10 boys, five girls), Hela (12 girls), Nakia (17 girls), Nebula (14 girls), Pepper (131 girls), Quill (42 boys, five girls), Rocket (19 human boys), Shuri (seven girls), Thor (85 boys), Valkyrie (128 girls), and Wanda (17 girls).

As if that wasn’t enough to prove the parents’ loyalty to the MCU, apparently Marvel was also a popular baby name with 39 girls and 23 boys named after the entire franchise itself. 

Coming from the Philippines, where we have unique baby names in abundance, we see nothing wrong with these Marvel-inspired names. These kids will have a fantastic body of work to explore when they’re old enough to get sucked into the MCU. 

However, we are glad that names like Groot, Ultron, and Star-Lord were left off the list. But even those potential baby names don’t hold a candle to… Ralph Boehner. 

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