WATCH: This Olympics Reporter Delivers the News in 6 Languages

Talk about a polyglot.

A polyglot is a person who can speak several languages. Many Filipinos are bilingual or trilingual, able to speak a mix of Filipino, English, and perhaps their regional language (like Waray, Ilocano or Bisaya). But it’s always impressive when a person can speak more than four or five languages fluently. 

Take journalist Philip Crowther, who works for the Associated Press as an international affiliate reporter. Born in Luxembourg to a British father and German mother, Crowther can speak at least six languages quite fluently. He has often displayed his multilingual talents reporting for a variety of news networks.

According to his own website, Crowther is a native speaker of English, German, and Luxembourgish and is a fluent speaker of French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Based in Washington D.C., Crowther garnered attention online when he reported on the U.S. elections late last year.

But he’s stoking even more interest after he posted a series of reports in different languages he stitched together during the Olympics in Tokyo.

Watch it here:



Watch him deliver the news during the U.S. elections last year here:



We wonder if he knows any Filipino words. 


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