This Is the Kyla and Brian McKnight Jr. Collaboration We Never Knew We Needed

Check out the music video here.

And R&B was never the same again. Okay, it still is, but to have our very own Kyla and Brian McKnight Jr. work on a song together is just peak 2022 madness. Is this an R&B crossover episode?

The son and namesake of the R&B legend wrote the song "#COY (Cuz of You)," which is a song about, well, feelings. He had Kyla perform with him here, and it just made sense. We can see Pinoy Big Brother winner Anji Salvacion and actor Brent Manalo in the official music video, too.


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According to McKnight Jr., the song was written when he was 19, around the same time he did "Marry Your Daughter." He thinks of this latest song as one of his favorites, the singer explained in a video conference.

"[Back then] I was thinking of just being a songwriter, but I still felt I had something to offer," shared McKnight Jr. "I wrote so much... luckily it fell into the wayside for this moment... [from] the shadow, come to the light."

McKnight Jr. said that he met Kyla on his first solo trip to the country. The two would end up recording the song in McKnight Jr.'s living room in Los Angeles.  This came during a time when Kyla was coincidentally in the U.S. for an ASAP taping. The singer said of Kyla: "I don't know anyone [else] who can track as fast as I can... I may have given her an idea or two, [but] she took it to the next level."


We just have might that next karaoke night banger.

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