Read Ovation Productions' Statement on 'Logistical Challenges' of the Ben&Ben Homecoming Concert

The organizer apologizes to fans.

Last weekend, a lot of fans had aired their grievances about the Ben&Ben Homecoming Concert 2022 because, simply put, it was a logistical nightmare. Concert goers to the SMDC Festival Grounds were quick to lash out on the venue's entry points, security, and queuing system, among other concerns.

Ovation Productions, the concert organizer for the event, has finally issued its own statement about the circumstances that angered the 65,000-strong crowd. The company cited the large figure as the main culprit for the unfortunate challenges.

In the statement, the group also explained how the lack of entry gates was due to a joint decision by them and the venue management. This was supposedly done to “spare people from walking over deep mud,” as some parts of the area had ongoing construction done.

Security measures, the organizer admitted, had also been a little too relaxed. It would later be re-imposed once the situation got better. Ovation Productions did, however, specify that marshals, medical teams, and ambulances were all on standby at the venue and were at an appropriate number.


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“Nonetheless, we still recognize that at the end of the day, it is the Ben&Ben fans who have been inconvenienced by all of this and we apologize,” it wrote. “We will do better next time.”

The folk pop band issued its own apology recently, as well. “We hear you. We feel your pain, frustration, and anger," it wrote.


Ben&Ben continued: “While we are grateful that the Ben&Ben Homecoming 2022 concert was an unforgettable night of music and emotions shared between the band and Liwanag (the band’s fans), we’d like to sincerely apologize to those of you who had a deeply stressful experience with the queuing, the entry to the venue, and the general gaps in the organization of the event.”

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