How to Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally, According to an Expert

Here's what to do if you're not in the mood
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Believe it or not, some men have a hard time getting in the mood for sexytime. Some blame it opn stress, while others think it’s their partner’s fault (WTF?!). But seriously, if you think you’re losing that drive you once had years ago, well, we’ve got some solutions for you.

But first we have to know: What causes a low sex drive in men?

“There are three main factors that cause this: physical, socio-cultural, and mental reasons,” says Dr. Cenia Lucas–Acevedo, a fellow of the Philippine Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and senior member of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology.

Physical factors include the following: Aging with decline in hormones (in particular testosterone for both men and women), and illness. Meanwhile, for the socio-cultural factor, some lack the drive because they do not accept sexual practices at all, “or they are concerned with what society thinks of sex,” Dr. Acevedo adds. As for the third one, the expert explains “Anxiety, defensiveness, fear, failure of communication, absence of respect especially for longer-term relationships, are also factors that affect sexual desire.”

So how can we keep our sex drive up, naturally?

1) Exercise

Exercising boosts natural testosterone production (especially HIIT and strength training). And these testosterones influence our neurotransmitters, AKA “the chemical messengers that our nervous system use to communicate and coordinate thoughts and actions.” It turns out that lifting those weights don't just give you that batak build—it also increases sexual your sexual capacity.

2) Maintain ideal fat and muscle proportions

“Just watching your weight or BMI are not enough because these two don't determine how much of you is muscle or fat,” advises the expert. “Normal hormone production is highly dependent on the proper fat proportion, while having an ideal muscle mass ensures that you will have the strength to perform the physical part of sexual desire.” To do this, she says that you should start eating healthy. A nutritious diet ensures that you get all the building blocks for your hormones as well as to achieve the ideal fat and muscle proportions.

3) Get enough sleep

It's not just about the number of hours, but the actual time that you sleep. As much as possible, you should follow the normal circadian rhythm (body clock) wherein one sleeps at night, and wakes up when the sun is out. Here’s another reason to become a morning person, nocturnal peeps.

4) Get free Vitamin D from sun exposure

Vitamin D has many other important roles in our cells and it isn't just for the bones. Apparently, having enough (and healthy) sun exposure increases our libido, too! More reasons to hit the beach this weekend.

5) Skip smoking and drinking alcohol

These two habits can also negatively affect your sexual drive and performance over time. Now, if you have no plans to stop these, you may want to now.

6) Stay away from toxic people

Toxic people can bring you down as they stress you out. And stress makes your sex life suffer. Tsk.

Dr. Cenia Lucas-Acevedo is a fellow of the Philippine Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and is a senior member of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology. Seeking to find a balanced solution to her son’s over-all wellness brought about her immersion in Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe). Thereafter, she became board certified in Brussels in both Nutritional Medicine (Distinction) and Anti-Aging Medicine (Distinction). Moreover, she is a fellow of the Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery (USA). Dr. Lucas- Acevedo is an advocate of complete fitness as seen in her form and countenance, and considers the optimization of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of her patients as her goals. She also founded Vivacite, Center for Scientific Wellness (BGC, Taguig City, Philippines), of which she is the medical director.

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