12 Important Things That You Should Know About Sex

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Admit it: Most of the things we know about sex weren't learned in school.

Instead, you probably learned about the ins and outs of sex through your friends, or through research. Or if you’re one of the lucky few, maybe your parents gamely guided you on this seemingly taboo topic. Either way, sex education is something that some are still conservative about.

Thankfully, a Reddit user started an AskReddit thread titled "What are some things that we aren't taught in sex ed that we should all probably learn about?"—and the answers ultimately summarized almost everything that a person should know about sex (FYI: Sex ed is not just about, well, sex, but also about the health of our reproductive organs). Bookmark this handy list ASAP!

"The clitoris is like an eyeball, don't go rubbin' on it when it's dry." -CaffeineAddict88

"For women and men: Go pee after sex. This is never taught and it's so important. Overall it seems that there is not a 100 percent guarantee that this will prevent a UTI, however, all studies agree that this is a good habit to have because even if you do not get a UTI, bacteria and what not do get up there and you should evacuate it. I believe the best way to look at this is better be safe than sorry." -ToxicLuv

"Masturbating if done in moderation is healthy for your prostate." -vogdswagon26

"There is more to sex than just penetration. 75 percent of women do not climax from penetration alone."-effieokay

"Pullout game is a myth." -rustiesbagel

"Taking time to warm up and stimulate one another is both good bonding and can help make the act more enjoyable." -mattyisphtty

"That the act of sex, and the hormones released, are the reasons we feel close to the people we're with, and that one shouldn't make too many long-term or important decisions based on those feelings. Not for a while anyway." -CuriousShelly

"Hygiene. Guys wash your hands. Both of you, brush your teeth before oral." -nikkiface89

"Communicate, communicate, communicate. 'Do you like it when I go down on you?'/ 'I want you to do me this way,'/ 'More mustard on the nipples,'/ etc. The more you communicate, the better it is for both of you." -jimmypagesguitar

"Porn is not an accurate depiction of real-world sex." –godbullseye

"Please make sure to wash your hands, face, or genitals if you are going to be using them / putting them in anywhere to avoid infections! Hygiene is important." -minaj_a_twat

"Do not ever ever ever ever go from A to V. Don't lick, finger, penetrate, whatever, a b-hole and then stick the same unclean device, be it a tongue, a toy, a finger or a penis, into your v-hole. Infection waiting to happen. Real life ain't porn!" -fatbabyotters_

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