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The Esquire Gentleman Goes Out for a Spa Day

There's something to it.
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Once a man reaches a certain age he has learned a few things. He’s acquired a little wisdom, if you will, that helps him age like fine wine, and has the necessary life experience to appreciate quality when he encounters it. And quite frankly, we prefer a nice bottle of red these days.

Of course, maintenance becomes more important as we accrue extra mileage. After all, the God-given vessel that is our body needs to navigate long work weeks without losing steam. Which is why God invented massages. But unfortunately, He did not create them equally. While we may be blessed with the profound knowledge of applying pressure to relieve physical pain, we’ve so far found the available options to be sorely lacking.

Having sampled an extensive menu of massage options over the years, from home services to foot massage parlors to spas, made us realize that we need to be more discerning in choosing who kneads our tense muscles into submission. Sadly, calling for a home visit or trying out a new "parlor" is usually like settling for the lone restaurant in an unfamiliar area, without any reliable reviews to be found online.


So, trust us when we say that you’ll deeply appreciate the spa services at the Discovery Primea. You’ll find that the Terazi Spa’s signature massage is like ordering an exquisite dish in a fine-dining restaurant, refined over years by a seasoned chef.

The difference-maker of course, are the massage therapists, who have been exceptionally well trained in combining the long strokes of a Swedish massage with the flowing moves of a Hawaiian massage, punctuated throughout by subtle yet precise acupressure moves. Practicing yoga several times a week, the therapists have a better understanding of the body’s workings and are able to adapt to your needs. The result is a caring and thoughtful treatment which uses a deeply considered combination of massage techniques. Needless to say, we left feeling incredibly relaxed, and quite impressed.

Terazi Spa is at the Discovery Primea, 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

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