The 10 Cheapest European Countries to Fly to From Manila

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Air travel has come a long way. From being a luxury, it has turned into something more commercial and accessible. It's a big factor why Filipinos have become one of the top travelers in Asia. According to a report by Visa, growing income levels around the world are creating a new traveling class that includes the Philippines.

While a more recent survey by SweetEscape found that Filipinos' top destinations are Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York, it also listed down a couple of European destinations as emerging destinations. And, judging by the numbers of applicants for the Schengen visa, it's clear Filipinos are looking to Europe for their vacations.

Since finding a flight really isn't an issue anymore (with all the direct flights popping up), we've decided to do the hard work and research the cheapest European countries and cities to fly to from Manila with the help of Skyscanner. Here are the 10 cheapest European flights you can take from Manila.


10| Hungary

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February 2020 is the cheapest month to fly to Hungary. Flights to Budapest start at P29,951, but these can quickly go up to P42,201 depending on the days you decide to choose for your trip.

Price Range: P29,951 to P37,684

9| Germany

There's plenty of cities to visit in Germany, including Berlin, of course, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Hannover, Cologne, Hamburg, and more. But if you want to save money, enter through the country's capital Berlin where a roundtrip ticket starts at P29,922.

Price Range: P29,922 to P39,731

8| Netherlands

Filipinos prefer going to the Netherlands for a number of reasons: The Embassy of the Netherlands issued the highest number of Schengen visas with a 99.6 approval rating and flights to the country are cheaper than most.

Price Range: P29,699 to P49,807

7| United Kingdom

A lot of people are wary of traveling to London since it's one of the most expensive countries to visit. When you look at ticket prices, however, it has some of the lowest prices (if you're really being stingy and choosing killer red-eye flights that is).


Price Range: P29,561 to P40,020

6| Spain

Flights to Madrid start at P29,397. The prices go up from there to Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Alicante, and more.

Price Range: P29,397 to P35,730

5| Czech Republic

What's there to see in Czechia you ask? Plenty. Not only is it one of the best travel destinations in world, according to Trip Advisor reviewers, it's also the best last leg for a Central European tour. It's incredibly tourist-friendly and the scenery is unmatched. Read this guide for more details.

Price Range: P29,337 to 52,164

4| Italy

Choose over 23 cities: Milan starts at P28,291, Rome at P29,285, Pisa at P33,034, Venice at P34,623, and Florence at P39,678, to name a few.

Price Range: P28,291 to P39,678

3| Austria

If you're looking for something different, book a flight to Austria where flights range from Vienna's P27,951 to Salzburg's P38,172.

Price Range: P27,951 to P38,172

2| France

Surprisingly, Paris is the second cheapest city to travel to. Flights start at P26,885, and you can pretty much go anywhere from there. Take a train to France's other cities or visit neighboring countries if you like.


Price Range: P26,885 to P40,693

1| Greece

Greece's debt crisis is unfortunate for all parties involved. But for tourists, now is the best time to visit. Case in point: Flights to Athens start at P25,522. Santorini, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, however, start at over P40,000.

Price Range: P26,147 to P33,503

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