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2018 was a wild year on social media: People got mad at radio hosts demanding urgent hospital care for a not-so-urgent injury; people rejoiced the triumphs of our fellow Pinoys overseas; people got mad again for a department store's shoddy work conditions; and people rejoiced again when an international furniture store confirmed its impending PH location. It was also a big year for crime, as we remain hung up on sensational deaths that rocked our country in the past.

Was Part of ‘Infinity War’ Filmed in The Philippines?

IMAGE: Marvel Studios

When one hawk-eyed writer saw "Philippines" in the credits of Avengers: Infinity Wars, we investigated just how the country could have missed the filming of the year's biggest blockbuster. No Avengers were in the Philippines for the shoot, but the Banawe Rice Terraces was featured in one of the final scenes featuring Thanos in a farmland.

The Enduring Mystery Of The Chiong Sisters Murder

The film Jacqueline Comes Home reignited interest in an old 1990s case about the disappearance and murder of the Chiong sisters. The crime is one of the most sensational murder-mysteries in the Philippines, with authorities pinning the crime on the well-connected Paco Larrañaga, despite his alibi that he was in a different city at the time of the murder. The verdict divided the country and today, Larrañaga remains incarcerated in Spain, with many still convinced of his innocence.

Ramon Tulfo's 'PGH Experience' is a Learning Opportunity About ER Practices

IMAGE: Facebook - Ramon Tulfo (

Ramon Tulfo's rant about not being immediately attended to at the Philippine General Hospital made social media headlines back in August. Tulfo's driver hit a six-year-old girl in Navotas while their party was en route to Ortigas, Pasig. After the accident, they drove to PGH where the radio host was outraged when the ER doctors didn't immediately give the child first aid treatment. The attending physician reasoned that there were other patients that needed more urgent care. At that time, PGH's emergency wing was also undergoing renovations so capacity was limited. Tulfo's rant cause many other doctors (ER and otherwise) to speak up in defense of the resident. Thank you to Ramon Tulfo for giving us a crash course on triage, which is how hospital officers determine whether cases are urgent or not.

Veteran Journo Explains Video of Ninoy Aquino Receiving Kisses

watch now

After Filipinos condemned a video of the President kissing an OFW in South Korea, administration supporters quickly published a photo of Benigno Aquino Jr. receiving kisses from two women on a plane. However, journalist Philip Lustre Jr. clarified that Aquino was anxious at that time and the women thought that kissing his cheek would put him at ease. The former senator even said "lagot ako kay Cory."

What You Need to Know About the Upsilon Leaks

Trouble brewed for the hundred-year-old University of the Philippines fraternity when screencaps of their group's private messages were leaked online. The messages revealed many controversial statements that related to misogyny, homophobia, bigotry, Islamophobia, and more. 

Imagining Our Future Railway Network


There are many, many plans to improve Metro Manila infrastructure, including several railway networks. This is a story of how the railway system would look with all of those planned trains and lines in place.

33 Years After She Died, We Still Remember the Myth of Pepsi Paloma

Filipinos love sensation and mystery. Put them together and you have the life of Pepsi Paloma, sexy starlet, minor, and probable victim. This was a tribute to her life after 33 years being shrouded in mystery.

Why I Quit My Job at The Landmark

IMAGE: Jennifer Marañon's Facebook page

Back in March, a Jennifer Marañon applied for a job at department store The Landmark and was so horrified about the work conditions that she posted her feelings and photos on Facebook. The photos showed "hellish" locker room conditions for employees, including a hole in the ceiling, broken tiles and mirrors, and unhygienic surroundings. This was in 2018. The conditions, however, seemed to have always been like this. One writer, a former Landmark employee, recalled similar circumstances back in 1993, prompting her to quit.


Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray's Prize Package

What exactly does Miss Universe Catriona Gray win apart from a crown, a sash, and a semi-royal lifestyle?

Here's How Many Leaves You Have Under PH Labor Laws

Know whether or not you're company's being fair when it comes to your available leaves. 


The Philippine “Cherry Blossoms” Are In Bloom Right Now

IMAGE: Jean Theresse Perez

You can be sure that between late March to early May, your feed will be full of Japan or Korea photos showing the splendor of sakura trees in full bloom. If you can't make it to Japan, you can enjoy the country's very own 'cherry blossoms.' The balayong, otherwise called the Palawan cherry tree, are sakura-like plants that can rival the real thing. And some of them can be found as near as Cavite.

Here's What We Know About IKEA's Philippine Launch

As far as furniture is concerned, there's nothing more exciting than the impending launch of the biggest IKEA in the world. 


The Philippine Daily Inquirer Isn't the Only Place You Can Read Up on Tito Sotto

IMAGE: Facebook - Clara Balaguer (

Senator Tito Sotto, who has been reportedly pointed as the reason for Pepsi Paloma's suicide, asked the Philippine Daily Inquirer to take down an archived story they featured on the starlet's case. PDI complied, but it wasn't the only source of information on the '80s event.

This Filipina Domestic Worker Won Second Place at a National Geographic Photo Contest

IMAGE: Joan Pabona

We're always quick to celebrate Pinoy pride.

Araneta's COD is back

IMAGE: courtesy of Araneta Center

The Christmas on Display is a holiday highlight for many Filipinos. For several years, people associated it with Greenhills Shopping Center, but it actually began at the Araneta Center, moving only to San Juan when it was shut down in 2002. The first display was back in 1954, when a mannequin maker made a moving belly dancer statue to catch attention of shoppers. It gained popularity when the display was transfered to the Araneta department store in 1966. Cubao re-welcomed the iconic Christmas show this year.

Who is Drew Olivar, and What is Wrong With Him?

IMAGE: Screencap from

Drew Olivar is a blogger who managed to earn the collective ire of the Filipino people with his lewd dance moves.

The EDSA Revolution Happened, No Matter What Your Poll Says


During the 32nd anniversary of the People Power Revolution, then assistant secretary Mocha Uson questioned its legitimacy. On her Facebook page, she posted a poll asking her followers if they believed that the 1986 EDSA Revolution was a product of fake news. A resounding 84 percent said yes. That's 84 percent of her polling sample forgetting a significant part of their Philippine history. And, in case you're confused, yes, Filipinos overthrew a leader from his post in February 1986. 

Mocha Uson Replies, and It Is Definitely Not an Apology

After Mocha Uson made unsavory comments toward Benigno Aquino Jr (see above), Kris Aquino fired back in a 17-minute video and post addressed to the then assistant secretary. Uson, however, tried to have the last word, with a curt, "With all due respect to everyone involved, I decline to apologize for the truth."

'Victor Magtanggol' Has a Baffling 16-Minute Trailer

IMAGE: GMA Network

Speaking of extra long videos, Victor Magtanggol, the non-Avengers' Thor fantasy drama on GMA network, teased their epic with an appropriately epic 16-minute trailer showing off the magical CGI world of Asgard. Here, Hammerman takes over the Thor mantle after the Norse god perished in Ragnarok. The kind-hearted handyman was deemed worthy to wield the mjolnir. 

You Can Get the Legendary ADB Cookies-Outside the ADB Building

IMAGE: Sasha Lim Uy for

When iconic Filipino chef Margarita Fores brought out the very exclusive ADB cookies from the highly secure ADB Building and puts her own little spin on them, sane adults become giddy children all over again.

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