OFW Healthcare Provider Asistensi Launches in the Philippines With Plans as Low as P866 a Month

Did we mention they’re willing to cover OFWs and dependents up to 85 years old? 

OFWs can now remove healthcare from their worries as Madrid-based healthcare service Asistensi (pronounced “assistance-y,”) launches in the Philippines with the goal of supporting migrant workers and their families. The EU-based healthcare provider has been operating in Europe and Latin America for nearly two decades and is now bringing its innovative digital-first healthcare services to Filipinos, particularly to OFWs and their families. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, the experience was enough to urge OFWs to prioritize healthcare plans for their families while they work abroad. As many OFWs experienced in the last few years, being the overseas breadwinner can be grueling, especially when they’re a thousand miles away when a family member falls sick. This is where Asistensi comes in as its digital services bridge the gap for OFWs and their parents, siblings, and children back home. 

“Every Filipino knows of someone who works overseas. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, it’s hard not to think about how challenging it must be for OFWs to juggle their many concerns while ensuring that they are able to provide financial support to those back home,” said Bjorn Pardo, Managing Director of Asistensi Philippines. 

For OFWs, the financial priorities are typically the home, car, and education. Health once fell to the wayside until the pandemic changed everyone’s priorities. But finding affordable healthcare plans, as well as plans accessible to OFWs, can be a challenge. 

“Health is a priority but oftentimes only dealt with on a per-need basis and investments in this aspect often take the backseat to more pressing concerns. This is the gap we want to address—we want migrant workers to have the peace of mind that in the event of sudden need, their families in the Philippines can be covered by a healthcare plan that relieves them of immediate financial stress and allows them to focus on the health issues at hand,” added Pardo.


Sean Argos, Maxicare PH CEO; Bjorn Pardo, Asistensi PH Managing Director; Dr. Andrés González, Asistensi Executive Chairman; Mr. Armando Baquero, Asistensi CEO

Photo by Asistensi.

Asistensi plans are as low as P866 per month, which is almost unheard of in the healthcare space. The company also offers coverage to family members as old as 85 years old, almost 20 years older than the industry average. Their packages also cover those with pre-existing conditions and offer services available 24/7. 

But the healthcare provider’s biggest draw is that it sets itself from other HMOs and healthcare providers by combining technology with its wide network of doctors and healthcare services. With just an app, Asistensi can provide online consultations with its network of doctors in just a matter of seconds, saving customers hours of waiting in line at the doctor’s office. Asistensi prides itself on being an end-to-end digital healthcare provider that supports patients from their initial Telemedicine consultations all the way through medication home deliveries, home laboratory tests and results, ambulance service, and in some cases, surgery coverage and hospitalization. 

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This can all be tracked and traced on the Asistensi app, which is perhaps light years ahead of existing HMO apps in the Philippines. Not only can the healthcare provider support families of OFWs in the Philippines, but they can also connect OFWs abroad with Filipino doctors at home if they’re hesitant to approach foreign hospitals. 

Asistensi has partnered with Maxicare, one of the biggest HMO companies in the country, as well as Hi-Precision Diagnostics, Argonix, Home Healthcare, and Lifeline 16911. 

“We are honored to be working with Asistensi toward our shared goal of helping Filipinos live their best life,” shared Maxicare CEO, Sean Argos. “We believe that the best healthcare should be convenient and accessible to all, especially to OFWs and their loved ones at home. Through this partnership, they can benefit from Maxicare’s network of accredited hospitals in cases of emergency.”

Maxicare supports Asistensi’s patients by connecting them to specialists at their Primary Care Clinics, state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment, and a network of hospitals. Wherever there’s Maxicare, Asistensi patients will be accommodated. 

“In these unprecedented times, health should definitely be a priority now, more than ever,” shared Asistensi Philippines’ Managing Director, Bjorn Pardo. “With our OFW community constantly worrying about the wellbeing of their families at home, we at Asistensi hope to provide the health coverage for emergencies that every Filipino deserves, regardless of their status or where they reside.” 

Are you an OFW or know an OFW? Check out Asistensi’s affordable packages here. 

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