The Teacher of this 'Ilocano-French 101' Class Looks Familiar
We gathered these supplementary materials for the madame's students.

Good morning, class! Professor Marcos won't be around today, as she has an important engagement to attend to—something about giving driving lessons to tobacco farmers, I believe she said.

Nevertheless, she would like all of you to remain in the classroom for today's lesson. In lieu of a lecture, she has prepared a video presentation of commonly misprounced words. Please watch and pay close attention, as there will be an oral exam when she returns next week.



Take note of Professor Marcos' clear and correct pronounciations, and how she adds a refined French inflection to each word. It's a fluency that she developed over years of reading the French edition of her favorite novel, Les Misérables.

After viewing this video, you may all proceed to today's exercise, which is to apply these Ilocano words in conversational sentences with your classmates. To guide you, here are some of their definitions:


Poque poque - An Ilocano vegetable dish made with roasted eggplant, tomatoes, and eggs
Kabatiti - Sponge gourd, or in Tagalog, patola
Pintas - Beauty
Nakiki - Tickled
Napekpek - Quite full; similar in use to punong-puno in Tagalog
Pokpoklo - A type of edible seaweed
Nabayag - Slow, or taking a long time
Utong - String beans, or in Tagalog, sitaw


Once you've accomplished the exercise, you are free to leave. However, if you're interested, Professor Marcos also recommends some supplementary French vocabulary words and phrases for all students of her Ilocano-French 101 Class. These won't appear in the upcoming quiz, but are good to practice with if you'd like to fast-track your education.


Plus jamais - Never again
Used in a sentence: "Plus jamais la loi martiale."

Disparu - Disappeared, or missing person; euphemistically, dead
Used in a sentence: "Plus de 1,600 personnes ont été portées disparues."

Corrompu - Corrupt
Used in a sentence: "Elle est une politicienne corrompue."


La fille du dictateur - The dictator's daughter
Used in a sentence: "La fille du dictateur ne s'excuse pas."

Here are also a few flash cards to help you remember the lessons.

That will be all for now! I'll be leaving soft copies of today's video presentation and supplementary materials with your class beadle, Mr. Mabanta. Just approach him if you'd like a copy. Class dismissed!

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