Veteran Journalist Sheds Light on The Video of Ninoy Aquino Receiving Kisses

Philip Lustre Jr. offers proper context.

Yesterday, PCOO Asec Mocha Uson raised yet another controversial question. She posted a video that showed a clip of President Rodrigo Duterte's widely condemned kiss in South Korea, followed by a clip of Martial Law martyr Ninoy Aquino receiving kisses from two women on an airplane. The video compared the two incidents, asking, "Masagwa daw ito??? Pero ito hindi???" 

But it was enough to push Ninoy's youngest daughter, Kris Aquino, to go on the warpath. Kris first posted a long message on Instagram and Twitter, then followed it up with a 17-minute video of herself calling foul on Uson, broadcast live on Facebook and Instagram Stories. Let's bill it as Thrilla in Manila 2: Social Media Edition.

Thereafter, to shed light on the issue, veteran journalist Philip Lustre Jr.—who was most recently in the spotlight for claims he made in 2015, that then-Mayor Duterte was suffering from throat cancer—posted an explanation. Lustre Jr. was one of the journalists who covered Ninoy Aquino's return to the Philippines in 1983 and the subsequent assassination. His firsthand account of the full uncut video offers better context with which to understand the kisses that Ninoy received:




As Lustre pointed out, Ninoy did not solicit the kisses, and he did not expressly consent to them. He even playfully brushed the fact of them aside, worrying, "Nako, lagot ako kay Cory." The kisses may not have been great for the cameras, in retrospect, and the willingness of onlookers to laugh and pass off inappropriate advances as a cute moment should certainly raise some eyebrows. But Ninoy's is clearly a different situation.

Lustre has also condemned the South Korea Kiss. In a follow-up post, Lustre called it " a pitiful display of naked power and outright stupidity," and an example of "'macho fascism' before the Filipino people and global audience."

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