Dahil sa Hotdog: Viral Video Pins Businessman Threatening Househelp

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Raffy Tulfo in Action is a TV show that has built a reputation as a beacon of hope for many people who feel that they’ve been wronged or abused. The program attracts millions of viewers after the videos are posted on social media. Many of them are convinced they can turn to host Tulfo when they feel that the system has let them down. 

The latest viral sensation concerns businessman Timmy Tan. A household staff of the entrepreneur went on Tulfo’s show to complain that her boss threatened to have her shot for serving hotdogs to one of Tan’s guests.

According to the complainant, who works as a live-in househelp of Tan, she served hotdogs and scrambled eggs one evening to one of Tan’s guests in the house. But her boss, who wasn’t in the house at the time, apparently left instructions to serve the guest only leftovers. When Tan found out, he phoned the help and angrily reprimanded her. Later after Tan arrived in the house, he continued to yell at the help and accused her of making decisions on her own. The help was able to record her boss’s outburst on her phone. 

After being yelled at, the help was eventually forced to leave Tan's house, but not before her boss is seen and heard instructing his bodyguards to have the household help shot.

The video of Tan’s outburst and his exchange with the household help has since been making the rounds on social media.


In the Tulfo exchange, it was revealed that Tan has filed a cyberlibel complaint against the household help with the National Bureau of Investigation.

However, according to Atty. Garreth Tungol, chief of staff of the office of ACT-CIS Rep. Jocelyn Tulfo, Tan will find it hard to prove that there was malice in the help’s decision to publicize the video. Malice is a primary requirement in proving a libel case.

Tungcol added that there is a possibility of filing a grave threats charge against Tan because he was seen and heard on video instructing his bodyguard to shoot the help.

In the program, Tulfo said they have tried to contact Tan to ask for his side of the story, but that his staff's calls were left unanswered.

Our takeaway from this whole sordid ordeal: always treat your household help with dignity and respect. You never know when they might be filming and running to Tulfo to complain about you.

Watch the whole exchange here:

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