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Filipino-American sportswriter Pablo S. Torre probably meant well when he wore the University of the Philippines’ (UP) sablay to a gathering that sought to honor Asian American and Pacific Islander creatives in Los Angeles.
Only 37% of SIM cards have been registered just days before the deadline. Our data privacy and security concerns persist. Here we are again held responsible for state negligence.
Everybody shouting "Chinese spy balloon!" while ignoring years of spy satellites-it says a lot.
Even when they're not supposed to, even-allegedly-in the FBI.
Alleged attempts have again been made to prevent it from being deliberated in the Senate Plenary.
To pretend otherwise is just to build the walls of your sandcastle higher.
"This is no bluff"—famously, a thing one says when one is definitely not bluffing.
He's weathered public scorn in the past, but unpredictable threats loom on the monarch's horizon.
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