Heart on Your Sleeve: The Best Filipino Statement T-Shirts to Wear Right Now

For all sorts of emotions and situations.
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It makes sense that Filipino statement T-shirts are a big part of the local streetwear scene. With the country’s tropical climate and the city’s underground culture, graphic T-shirts are the perfect vehicles for expressing angst or whatever else you are feeling.   

Local streetwear outfits, from labels reminiscent of the global behemoth Supreme to brands that experiment with different art styles, are influencing the evolution of the look of Filipino statement T-shirts. They've gone beyond slapping prints on tees, with some brands even straddling the line between street and designer sensibilities.    

Here, we round up the coolest statement T-shirts that can express what you're feeling right now.  

For the Monday Grind: This Alarm Clock T-shirt 

Filipino pride runs deep in the designs of Team Manila, which has grown only better over time. Check out its hilarious tribute to start-of-the-week blues. Team Manila

For High-Energy Weekends: This Electric T-shirt  


THE has earned a loyal following because of its minimalist designs and high-profile partnerships. Its collaboration tee with the House of Vans is perfect for chilling on the beach with a cold one in hand. THE 

For Catching Waves: This '70s-Inspired T-shirt 

Nothing sums up nerd, skate, and surf culture more than a '70s-inspired T-shirt—bold, loud, fun, vibrant. Gnarly 

For Angst-Filled Days: This 'Overthrow Dark Systems’ T-shirt 

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Daily Grind is the same team behind Team Manila, but while the latter's designs are rooted in patriotism, Grind has more urban influences. Wear this one whenever you feel like sticking it to the establishment. Daily Grind

For Friday Night Gigs: This Psychedelic-Retro T-shirt   

This Peek tee by WSH (short for Witness Surreal Hypnosis) fuses pop art and classic skate aesthetican out-of-this-world concept. (Think streetwear done with psychedelic imagination.) WSH

For a Summer Road Trip: This ‘Cool Breeze’ T-shirt 


This T-shirt's bold and cartoonish design, featuring the label's Nick Automatic character, is tinged with retro flavor, and is perfect for summer. Nick Automatic

For the Absolute Snack Fan: This 'Potato Corner' T-shirt  

Similar to global streetwear labels, SYF makes bank through the use of logos. It adds a playful twist to the trend, however, by riffing on popular brands. Fries, anyone? SYF 

For Exploring a New City: This Nippon T-shirt  


Keep tabs on this mustard-colored Archer shirt, which is just one of the strong designs from Royalty's Nippon collection. Royalty 

For the Elder Millennial: This ‘Remain Unsent’ T-shirt 

Nobody's take on pop culture is spot on: This neon green “Remain Unsent” tee featuring a Nokia 3310 is giving us intense flashbacks to simpler times. Nobody

For Throwback Thursdays: This Taz ‘Big Hitter’ T-shirt  


Progress has become known for its '90s throwback tees with bright typography and Supreme-like logos. When was the last time you wore a Looney Tunes character T-shirt? Progress  

For the Cubao X Regular: This ‘Cubao Loves Everybody’ T-Shirt 

It's only fitting that The Twelfth House, a mainstay of Cubao Expo, pays tribute to the artistic collective with a tee that speaks the truth. Grab this for yourself and get one for that friend who frequents Fred’s Revolucion. The Twelfth House

For the Island Vacay: This Tie-Dye T-shirt 


DBTK takes on fashion’s latest trend—tie-dye!—and puts its own spin on it. Wear this while riding your skateboard or just before catching a wave. DBTK 

For The Health Buff: This 'Eat Healthy' T-shirt 

Statement T-shirts aren’t all about angst. We Drool Supply Co just wants to remind you to take care of yourself—and also look good while doing it. We Drool Supply Co

For The Tito Rocker: This 'Stay True' T-shirt 


Cebu-based Deadways presents an uncomplicated message, but uses a tattoo-inspired design that’s just plain cool. Deadways 

For The Happy Workaholic: This Trademark T-shirt 

We can't fault a trademark seal on a minimalist T-shirt. Whether this is meant to provoke insight about commercialism or is just here for the aesthetic, it looks pretty solid. Staff Co.

For The Japanese Streetwear Fan: This 'Shinjuku' T-shirt 


It’s hard to go wrong with Japanese-inspired art, and this white Shinjuku tiger tee hits the spot with calligraphy and red accents. Skoop

For The Vintage Hunter: This 'Midnight Street Cleaner' T-shirt  

This shirt is worth copping on the strength of the newspaper-style art and all that detail. Revere

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