Fellow Men, We Found the Greatest Denim Jackets to Style


Parisians, cowboys, rock stars, rappers, random teenagers, and blue-collar men love the denim jacket's hardworking style. It's versatile, is what we're trying to say. The denim jacket is practical, cool, and rugged, and has become an indelible mark on mainstream pop culture.

Since becoming a phenomenon in the '70s, the workwear staple has taken on a life of its own. It's as big a rebel as it gets for men's outerwear. By putting on a denim jacket, we can go classic, go artsy chic, go big, go tight, go modern with our looks—that is, if we know how to really style it.

Sometimes though, there's just some men's denim jackets that makes the outfit itself, like the ones on this list. These pieces aren't mere spectators to the show. They are the show themselves. 

The Classic

Photo by LEVI'S.

Levi's Men's Oversized Type II Trucker Jacket (Rogue Moj Black Rinse) - P12,999. Shop here.

You just know we had to start with Levi's. If we're going for a more modern fit with a reimagined heritage feel, we might be interested in this Levi's trucker jacket. It has all the makings of our dad's old workwear gear, but with a cleaner twist. A men's denim jacket like this gives us a lit more room to style. Picture yourself pairing this with some trousers or sweats and some chunky loafers or sneakers.

Photo by mytheresa.com.

Nanushka Boyce Denim Jacket - P17,321.81. Shop here.

This has a good cut to it, especially if we want to look a little more badass than usual. Nanushka's idea of a classic denim jacket is something men would imagine they wear on their next motorcycling jaunt. We can go for more texture for our bottoms by choosing something like low-rise black jeans. Throw in eight-eye cap-toe boots and some aviator shades and we're good for a smooth afternoon ride.

Photo by LEON DENIM.

Leon Denim Type 2 Denim Jacket - P8,950.00. Shop here.

This happens to be one of Leon Denim's most popular pieces. Made of raw sanforized denim from Japan, this jacket's distinctive placket pleats and copper rivets elevate its classic look to all-world premium status. We can't go wrong with regular-cut trousers or some cargo pants for this one. To spice our look up, we can go with some combat-style boots or just say screw it and go with brogues for the heck of it.

The Rebel


Yves Saint Laurent Pleated Jacket Destroy Denim (Light Blue) - P73,561.51. Shop here.

The zip closure, pointed collar, and slit pockets to this Yves Saint Laurent piece is giving us that late-to-the-Versailles-party feel. Saint Laurent added a lot of gathers and pleats to this, to accentuate the texture. It's chic in a go-against-the-grain kind of way. We say go for some an all black ensemble here with a zip-up. That's right, we're advocating for men closing themselves up for some more mystery to their outfit. At least just for this piece, guys.

watch now

Photo by GUCCI.

Gucci Denim Jacket With Horsebits - P133,500.51. Shop here

We can trust Gucci to give us a men's denim jacket with that elevated cool. Style this with a fruity polo and some checkered wide-fit pants and we're in for a healthy mix of underground and mainstream to our vibe. Blue washed denim looks good with colors that pop. The horsebit detail on the pockets adds more balance. This piece basically rejuvenates our aesthetic with a little bit of classic and contemporary, just like any true rebel.

Photo by ZALORA.

COS Relaxed-Fit Denim Overshirt - P5,950.00. Shop here.

Sustainability can be rebellious, too, in a way. Just look at what COS did with their version of the denim jacket. The double chest patch pocket should give our look a healthy utility accent to it. With the dropped shoulders and roomy cut, this men's denim jacket allows us to go for a more brooding vibe, if we choose to go denim-on-denim for our outfit. Then again, there's nothing wrong with wearing recycled patchwork jeans for this one and some platform shoes to match.


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The Bolder

Photo by mytheresa.com.

Loewe Padded Denim Jacket - P58,902.99. Shop here.

Bolder here might just mean something for the cold. But the weather shouldn't ever stop us from experimenting with out stuff, right? Loewe's puffed-up denim jacket adds an extra layer of comfort if we're braving some harsher conditions. This is better zipped-up with a baggier silhouette on us. Wide-cut trousers or ankle-cut slacks should suffice. Throw in some thick white sneakers or low-cut combat boots and we're good to go.


Balmain Rear Logo-Print Denim Jacket - P108,785.66. Shop here.

We are loving this Balmain jacket for its boxier cut. Denim jackets like this show men that their style can be comfortable and elegant, in a quiet way. What would definitely elevate this look is some baggy sweatpants and maybe some Balenciaga sneakers. This would be great either for going out for some groceries during the winter or hanging out with friends in a Parisian cafe in the summer. Bold is a way of life, after all.

Photo by AMIRI.

Amiri Denim Down Jacket - P160,144.55. Shop here.

This denim jacket is for men whose style leans over on the streetwear side of things. Amiri is a master when it comes to this. Filled with warming down, this Italy-made jacket offers up resistance to the climate and to basic-ness. Because this functions as a parka, we can't go wrong with some chukka or combat boots to this jacket. Go bolder with tattered jeans or ankle-cut patchwork trousers or, what the hell, maybe even a skirt!

The Mod

Photo by Kiton.

Kiton Denim Jacket - P105.267.83. Shop here.

We're moving into the sleeker, elevated everyday jacket territory here. As far as men's denim jackets are concerned, this offers us a smarter outfit overall. For Kiton's artisans, they've added a contrast collar and red logo buttons. These are subtle yet interesting choices for the Italy-made product. Here, we can keep things light with our ensemble with, say, some neutral tones for our polo and slacks. Your casual sneakers should suffice. If not, burgundy oxfords wouldn't be such a bad idea either.

Photo by ZALORA.

Dickies Denim Unlined Jacket. P7,898.00. Shop here.

When we say mod, we're trying to tell ourselves that, most of the time, it's the cut and form of the piece that makes all the difference in the world. Dickies goes in a more out-theresy direction here with this beautifully crafted men's denim jacket. Style this with some regular-trim, mid-rise trousers and some white shoes, as to not take away from the piece itself. Basically, it's best to go for something more muted here for the rest of the ensemble. This jacket is high art. That's for sure.


Carl Jan Cruz Denis Biker Jacket - P24,320.00. Shop here.

Carl Jan Cruz' version of the denim jacket is all about paying homage to men's classic silhouettes, albeit in a different shell and, well, style. This is a more structured cut that's a little flatter and crisper. But we can't deny how sharp it is. For this look, maybe we can go for a boxier feel to our clothes just to emphasize the linework and shape. It's just as dapper.

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