The Best Independent Streetwear Brands in the Philippines

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Sneakers, music, tattoos, skateboards, and counterculture—these make up the DNA of street culture and the best streetwear brands. There's just an inherent rebellious streak, a disregard for the norm, and a passion for seeking authenticity in streetwear, and all of these show in the threads worn by those in the scene.

Our first streetwear list celebrated brands that blurred the lines between fashion and streetwear. This one rounds up even more local streetwear brands, but from the more traditional scene, including those that specialize in classic graphic T-shirts. 

Here are the streetwear brands, old and new, that will help you make that statement. 

1| THE

No list is ever really complete without THE. One of the OG streetwear greats (its Facebook page has over 90,000 followers), it made its mark with authentic statement T-shirts and high-profile collaborations with sneaker giant Vans and specialty barbershop Titan. Get these: The provocative Fuck/Mainland collection released exclusively at Case Study Atelier in BGC; the Lucky Nine Club sweater in collaboration with House of Vans.


Unit 4A, Cubao Expo, Quezon City 

2| Gnarly

Streetwear doesn’t always have to be black and gritty. It can be funny, colorful, and exude a lot of personality. Gnarly showcases zany, vibrant designs reminiscent of comic book art while staying true to its skater origins. Get these: With a vibrant red hue and a classic silhouette, the panel shirt in red is about as retro-inspired as they come. It/s Big Bang Theory but chic.

4 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig; 

3| Thy Origins

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Thy Origins puts Greek mythology on streetwear via vintage-influenced illustrations and cool tones. Get these: the Zeus T-shirt from the Aderfia collection in yellow gold; the Oydsseus fanny pack in orange is for the urban traveler.

Purveyr Post, Bangkal, Makati; Suez & Zapote, Makati; Folk 1006, Escolta, Manila 

4| Team Manila/ Daily Grind

Team Manila has grown into a full-fledged graphic design studio, but it still maintains its apparel arm through the Daily Grind. It has since evolved its cultural graphic tees into merchandise with a more sophisticated and urban aesthetic. Get these: The Tilaok T-shirt is for the morning risers; the West Philippine Sea tee in gray—in case you really feel like sticking it to the man. 

Suez & Zapote, Makati; 



Advocating the independent, headstrong mindset of the skater scene, BRKLSS challenges you to push boundaries. Get these: The red Old-Timers T-shirt and the Little Devil patch stripe tee show its playful side.

Suez & Zapote, Makati; Tryon, Olympia, Makati; Calle Skateshop, Pasig; BMX Cycle Center, Caloocan; Backyard Skatepark, Sta. Rosa, Laguna; 

6| Skoop

Born in Japan, raised in Manila, Skoop is a lifestyle brand that fuses streetwear and athletic gear, so you can move from street to court. Get these: the maroon cap with embroidered Philippine and Japanese flags; the Great Wave white tee that pays homage to Japanese art.

Urban Athletics; The Nines; Complex Lifestyle Store; Bratpack; Playground Premium; 

7| Tenement

Unlike its other contemporaries, Tenement owes its influences to ’80s and ’90s culture. Collegiate T-shirts and retro-tinged designs make it stand out from the rest. Get these: The Transportation tee is loosely inspired by workwear; the Sports Club tee is unapologetically ’80s and influenced by Miami.

Purveyr Post, Bangkal, Makati; Ponderosa Hall, Escolta, Manila; Somewhere 1109, Cubao Expo, Quezon City; The Good Neighborhood, Cebu City; 

8| Revere

With roots in Davao, Revere is a streetwear and lifestyle brand that’s perfect for pavement pounders. Its pieces are a mix of utilitarian function and gritty aesthetic, with multiple pockets and sturdy fabrics. Get these: Check out the Precision Crossbody and the Mayhem 2-Way Chest Rig to perfect your EDC; the All-Over Hawaiian is a slick take on the classic Hawaiian shirt.


Case Study Atelier; Pacific Originals; Somewhere 1109; Purveyr Post; Common Ground; 

9| Deadways

The Cebu-based brand promotes an all-encompassing lifestyle focused on the riding scene and the community it creates. Get these: the Rose T-shirt that’s inspired by Americana and the motorcycle counter-culture; this rugged Metropolis rucksack in camouflage that you can take from the streets to the outdoors.

27-A Rahmann Extension, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City; 

10| Nobody

Nobody is made by a bunch of nobodies. The flagship brand of Somewhere 1109 in Cubao Expo relies on a philosophy of authenticity and a bit of existential crisis to create pieces that genuinely stand out. Get these: In case you’re feeling a little bit of angst, brood in the Sagan Brown Jacket, which has The Breakfast Club vibes; the Terrible Twos hoodie brightens up gloomy days.

Purveyr Post, Bangkal, Makati and Escolta, Manila; Somewhere 1109, Cubao Expo, Quezon City; 65 Concept Store, Malolos, Bulacan; AlcoHoliday, Singapore 

11| Enimal

From down south in Laguna is Enimal, a streetwear brand that pays homage to its counter-culture roots while creating pieces that are still wearable. Get these: The Enimal Port Jacket is for the guy who’s not afraid of wearing color; the Field jacket is for cooler nights when you’re cruising down the streets.


Suez & Zapote, Makati; Merch District, Manila; Somewhere 1109, Cubao Expo, Quezon City; Peeks Lifestyle Store, Los Baños, Laguna; Thank You, Bulacan 

12| WSH

Its full name, Witness Surreal Hypnosis, is a fitting description. WSH takes your usual skate wear and adds a dose of psychedelic attitude with its bold and colorful designs. Get these: the T-shirts with graphics inspired by retro pop art.

Case Study Atelier, BGC; Calle Skate Shop, Pasig; Kick Engines, Cubao Expo; Strap, Cebu City; Facebook at @witnesssurrealhypnosis 

13| Medisina

Men in the north find Medisina an ode to the local counterculture and Manila’s gritty inner streets. It's loud, brash, and unapologetically Filipino. Get these: Its collaboration with Raw Manila of unpolished brass rings is for your next ride; check out, too, the Medisina socks for local pride.

Unit 19, Cubao Expo, Quezon City; Block 4 Lot 54 Bristol corner Regalado Streets, Lagro, Quezon City; 

14| Progress

Everything about the Progress, which has been active since 2009, is classic streetwear, from its urban aesthetic to that bold typography. Get these: The Dennis the Menace T-shirt is for the young rebels who never really grew up; the graffiti-themed Progress tee.

41 Sgt. Esguerra corner Sct. Bayoran Street, South Triangle, Quezon City; 


15| Nick Automatic

One of the earlier streetwear brands in Manila, Nick Automatic was founded by Nicolo Nimor, a Cebu-based designer who’s worked with big names and brands such as Nicki Minaj, David Hasselhoff, Team Manila, and more. Inspired by street culture and music, Nimor's brand creates casual and playful designs. Get these: This Tokyo-inspired Domination T-shirt that’s just the right amount of fun; the neon sign-inspired sweater for a downtown feel.

@nckatmtc on Instagram; 

Where to Find the Best Streetwear Brands

For years, Cubao Expo has been the hub of the city’s underground scene and home to eclectic restaurants, vintage shops, galleries, bars, and retail concepts. Naturally, some of the best streetwear brands on this list—THE, Somewhere 1109, Kick Engines, and Medisina—are here, so this would be a good place to start.  

3 General Romulo Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City

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