Jewelry is the Best Valentine's Day Gift for Her

There’s no better way to a woman’s heart than through bling.

If you’re entertaining the thought of giving your girl jewelry this Valentine’s, trust me, you are on the right track. Flowers will wilt. Chocolate will melt. Even a nice home-cooked meal is meant to be digested. 

But jewelry—something she can wear every day, that will remind her of you every time she feels it against her skin, that will make her friends sigh with envy when she tells them who gave it to her—that’s the kind of thing that you know will last. 

Here are a few items she will definitely appreciate.  

A Pair of Earrings for the Cool

So you want to let her know she has your heart, but you still want to be subtle and not too cheesy. Of course, she’s a cool girl, and every cool girl knows that earrings these days no longer need to be matchy-matchy. Show her you’re up to speed with an asymmetric earring set from Charriol. Look closer and you’ll notice the arrow features the brand’s signature steel twisted cable while the arrowhead is studded with white topaz. You can even give it to her with this little speech: “These earrings are like us—different, and yet we go so well together!”


Crazy in Love Again earrings in gray steel with white topaz, Charriol   

A Cuff for the Romantic

There’s something slightly medieval but also strangely romantic about a cuff. On one hand, it’s a really cool statement piece for her wrist, but also, you can almost think of them like handcuffs, binding you to each other till kingdom come… but anyway. There’s really no need to get into all of that—instead, she'll surely be mesmerized by the craftsmanship and brilliance that went into this creation from the Les Galaxies de Cartier collection, a meditation on gravity, weightlessness, and the infinite cosmos. Tell her that the luminous pearls are symbolic of how she makes your world go ’round.

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IMAGE: Cartier

The Alignment of Planets cuff in 18k white gold with Tahitian pearls, Cartier    

A Necklace for the Delicate

If she’s a fan of jewelry that’s dainty and delicate and oh-so-pretty, she’ll melt at the sight of this necklace from Swarovski. Adjustable so it can be worn as either a choker or like a lariat, it’s almost as if you’re telling her she’s the gift and all you want to do is wrap her up all nicely with a bow. She will also appreciate that it can be worn two ways, and the Swarovski pendant dangling down the middle is almost like putting a cherry on top. 

IMAGE: Swarovski

Lifelong Bow Y Necklace in mixed plating with Swarovski crystals, Swarovski   

A Ring for the Modern

A heart, but make it sculptural and architectural and geometric. That’s what comes to mind with this cool, minimalist design from Hermès. In supple rose gold that will wind discreetly around her finger (a metaphor for how you’re wrapped around her finger, maybe?), you won’t really notice the shape unless you look at it from a certain angle—but she’ll know, and that will make all the difference.   

IMAGE: Hermès

Vertige Cœur ring in rose gold, Hermès 

An Ear Cuff for the Spirited

Score major cool-boyfriend points when you give her this: first of all, you know what an ear cuff is! And second of all, this one is just a pretty and feminine take on an accessory that’s known for having a bit of a rebellious streak. Set in gold and embellished with a single diamond stud, it’s for the girl who wants the look of an ear party but without the commitment of multiple piercings. And if she’s not already familiar, you can earn extra points by fastening it on her lobe and showing her how to wear it. Who’s the cool one now? 


Solo ear cuff in solid gold with .10ct diamond, Nami  

A Pendant for the Angelic

If you want to stick with the “I give you my whole heart” theme, this pendant from Louis Vuitton would be a modern way to do it. Adorned on either side with sweet little angel wings, it’s the best way possible to express that she’s your angel on earth. Yes, we went there. If you’re not going to do it on Valentine’s Day, then when else can you?  

Angel Love necklace in gold- and silver-colored metal with pearl-effect resin heart, 

IMAGE: Louis Vuitton


A Watch for the Particular

IMAGE: Bulgari

Giving her something red on Valentine’s Day is always a nice touch; getting it in the style of this famed Italian jewelry house’s most iconic design is the ultimate boss move. The Serpenti is an eternal Bulgari classic, and the red dial with the bezel surrounded by diamonds gives it that extra dose of romance. The double spiral strap is interchangeable, so she can keep the red for special occasions and change it up with other variants if she pleases. You may be expected to give her a few more of those, too, so it's up to you whether you want to disclose that information or not. 


Serpenti Watch in 18k rose gold with brilliant-cut diamonds and red karung leather bracelet, Bulgari       

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