James Reid's 'Hello' Video Shows That He's Done Taking Himself Too Seriously—Fashion Included

Or, he's at least taking a break.

It doesn't take an expert to see how carefully conceptualized to aesthetic perfection James Reid's past music videos are. You know what we're talking about: cinematic executions with a shallow depth of field, drone shots, and everything we expect from a huge star like him. The last time we saw him was in "Soda," an out-of-this-world sci-fi adventure that could've passed as something from the Star Wars universe, which really took all of that music video goodness to another level. So, we really weren't prepared for his new music video for "Hello."

We won't spoil much but for his latest video, Reid went a different, refreshing route as he referenced Wes Anderson… if Wes Anderson directed a classic '90s Filipino movie, that is. Laying in bed, Reid sits up while wearing a patterned Rafikimono piece which is a preview of things to come. Oh, and the mustache, how could we forget about the mustache?

Reid in Rafikimono.

From there, we get a series of fits that the Tenenbaums would appreciate including a Margot Tenenbaum call back with a Lacoste sweater. We then get a classic Reid look which consists of a Cuban collar shirt, a great pair of jeans, and sneakers to dance in. In this case, it's a Beams shirt and Carl Jan Cruz jeans.

Kickin' it old school.

Reid's impeccable "Hello" wardrobe also includes Wales Bonner, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Bulgari, Chris Diaz, Kelvin Morales, and Maison Soriano, to name a few. In total, we get 15 outfits that perfectly match the whole vibe of the video as styled by Gee Jocson. 

Casually decked out in fur and Bulgari.
watch now

All we can say now is it's quite something to be alive during Reid's—allow us to call this his mustache era—foray into the funky side of things. And, as much as we'd like a detailed explanation of things, there's also something to be said about just enjoying the song and its visuals because the closest thing we're going to get from an explanation is Reid's statement below.

"Hello, having spent a lot of my time by myself during the quarantine, I’ve learned to dive into the depths of PERSONAL INTROSPECTION. It’s truly beautiful knowing and experiencing TRUE GROWTH—a growth that’s only birthed within. Our minds are infinite in so many ways, and learning how to tap into that is ULTIMATE FREEDOM. I’ve learned how to translate that to my everyday actions and now I’m 100% always driven to achieve MY GOALS so that the universe can be a BETTER PLACE," he said in a statement.

Reid in Kelvin Morales.

Watch the video for James Reid's new song "Hello."

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