Millennials, Look At What You Made Tod's Do

The Italian company now makes Insta-worthy shoes.

The makers of those famous pebbled loafers, the Gommino, is making a play for you, dear Millennials, a magic market that, as reports, had a USD200-billion spending power in the U.S. last year and will have "the most spending power of any generation" this year.

Social media plays a huge part in the surrender of Millennial money to goods and services (and shoes), and so now, brands have to connect (and connect well and also often) to its most lucrative audience through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more in order to reap rewards or, at least, get their name, news, or products out there.

Among the well-heeled fashion brands, Tod's has been ahead of the game, launching Dots of Life, the social media project that invites shoe and pet lovers to 'gram their Gomminos, in 2015. (We remain fascinated by the one with the lizard on the beach.)

Today, a glance at their Instagram feed reveals a buzzy social media strategy with emoji-festooned posts, part of their “Falling In Love” series, as their most recent campaign for the immortal driving shoes.  


And then, we have these from the spring/summer 2018 men's collection: a boat shoe with a prominent “TODS” spelled out in leather letters on its side and a slip on and driving shoe also with the brand's name, this time in a painted stencil style, on them. The latter also has the four letters boldly assembled front and center, on the vamp. It's all very look-at-me, all very now.

This overt branding feels like a first for the Italian luxury brand that champions a stylishness rooted in easiness—as if you just rolled out of bed perfectly dressed for a day of doing nothing—and it may take some getting used to for older, more mild-mannered fans of Tod's. But, for the social generation, it hits the spot, and just like the other visual trophies of fashion (Gucci's Ace sneakers, or anything Gucci, come to mind), they will joyfully present these in flatlays or OOTDs. 

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Hey, we're not saying that's something's amiss. We're just saying this feels new. Besides, there are other things to play with. The never-ending Italian summer is the inspiration for this collection and so there are roomy totes, with Gommino pebbles cleverly embedded on its front, that look perfect for the beach, but this is in suede, as well as a pair of driving shoes that looks like it was made of beat-up denim or canvas, but it is actually leather. 


Other highlights to check out include thick-soled trainers with hiking boot-style laces, loafers with a softly elongated toe that feels very Italian (a new shape), and off-white sneakers that present the logo subtly via the negative space formed by the gathering of perforated dots.



These last ones we would wear to death.

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