How Necklaces Can Instantly Upgrade Your Look

The right necklace is one that's simple, sophisticated, and easy for any guy to wear.

If you don't figure yourself for a jewelry guy—or if you're having flashbacks to the bad old days of puka shells and hemp—don't worry. The right choice for a necklace today is one that's simple, sophisticated, and easy for any guy to wear. With a thin chain and a small pendant, it's the perfect way to make that T-shirt feel intentional and maybe even a little bit special. Try one at a time, or feel free to pile 'em on if you're feeling a little more advanced. Here are five that won't do you wrong. 

1. Topman Gold Tusk Necklace

If you're just dipping your toe in the water when it comes to accessorizing, this is the perfect entry-level pick. It's uncomplicated and easygoing (especially when it comes to the price), but the gold color and small tusk pendant still give it enough personality to stand out. 

2. A.P.C. Lord Necklace

No one does cool French guy minimalism quite like the team at Parisian label A.P.C. And this expertly pared-down necklace is a shining example of that. A thin silver chain is tipped with a classic lobster claw clasp and a rectangular pendant completely free of any embellishment—all the better for you to personalize it yourself. Try it with Breton-stripe shirt if you want to lean into the Gallic vibe.

3. Miansai 'It Was All a Dream' Silver Penny Chain Necklace

Miansai ushered in an accessory revolution with its simple, nautical bracelets when it first hit the market years ago. Now, the brand is bringing that same unstuffy aesthetic to necklaces inspired by the penny roller machines you find at pretty much every tourist trap in the country. The difference? This one is made from sterling silver and brass, and pays homage to NYC with a stamped graphic featuring lyrics from the one and only Biggie Smalls. 


4. LHN All-Seeing Eye Necklace

LHN is a Brooklyn-based outfit making jewelry inspired by everything from Roman artifacts to classic sailor tattoos. This all-seeing eye graphic is hand-carved and said to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer—if you're into that sorta thing. If not? Well, there's also the fact that it looks really damn cool. And sometimes, that's all you need. 

5. Gucci Burnished Silver-Tone Swarovski Crystal Necklace  

If you haven't noticed, visionary Gucci designer Alessandro Michele has kind of a thing for animals and old school vibes. This lion-and-crystal necklace looks like a super-fancy antique door-knocker from a crumbling mansion that's been hidden away from the world for hundreds of years. In other words: very Gucci. And very cool.

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